Blogathon summary

Stupid circadian rhythm won’t let me sleep.  *grumble*

Anywho!  Two SSA leaders, Chana Messinger and Andrew Tripp, take the field for Blogathon at 11am EST for twelve hours apiece.  An hour after they start, Greta Christina will join them, as SSA Week marches merrily along.

Here’s the full recap of Blogathon for me and Michaelyn.  We did good today everybody.  We raised a lot of money for a great cause.  We had 47 donors during the 24 hour period and raised over $1,500.  Not a bad day.  Not bad at all.

Sucks we didn’t hit our 300 donors so kids could pie us in the face, but we did have a great day of fundraising.  Think we should extend the offer to the end of the week and increase the goal number of donors?  Perhaps people will find $5 to donate between now and then.  😛

I’m now going to try and get some more sleep.  *hug*  Thanks to everyone who kept us company yesterday!

  1. WWJTD Blogathon: do it for the campers (and the SSA)
  2. Discrimination, lying, and faith, a polyamorous marriage made in heaven
  3. Why the hell should you donate to the SSA?
  4. The first cause argument 
  5. Orly Taitz: only genius on earth
  6. My Turn!
  7. Why Student Groups Matter
  8. Fifty Shades of Dumb
  9. I’ll Miss You, Andy
  10. I’m Not a Morning Person
  11. Doing So Well Already!
  12. Topic Request: Polyamory
  13. Crafty people helping the SSA
  14. The SSA Makes a Difference
  15. Want to Know Secrets About JT?
  16. Shout Out to Fellow Blogathon-ers!
  17. Praying the Gay Away
  18. Holy Crap, You Did It; Ask Me Anything!
  19. Questions and Hey, Arnold!
  20. Answering Your Questions
  21. Guild Wars 2 review
  22. Changing the Government and Why JT Cried
  23. Getting Ever Closer to 300
  24. My Atheist Story and Our First Kiss
  25. It’s Not Your Right to Hurt Others!
  26. Brian and creationism
  27. Ninja bachelor raid
  28. Topics bought with donations: the Dark Knight trilogy
  29. A Zombie Apocalypse Team
  30. Requested topic: what do I do to stay fit?
  31. Not done with Brian
  32. My Favorite Evening, in the Style of 50 Shades of Grey…
  33. Requested topics: @@@
  34. Requested topics: polyamory and insecurity
  35. Midnight summary
  36. Proving Love
  37. Unique =/= true
  38. Shit’s about to get not real
  39. Kansas will never learn
  40. Home stretch
  41. Priorities
  42. Mom and Sandy Round 3
  43. Jayman777 and the first cause argument
  44. Games that disappointed
  45. Spaghetti owned
  46. Morality derives from compassion
  47. Colbert nails it on gay rights
  48. Must be god
  49. The best place to be
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