Buy some art, help secular students!

Sarah Hamilton (known to many in the atheist movement as “Ologies“) is donating all the proceeds from her artwork to the SSA for SSA week!  Head on over and buy some art for a good cause!  :)

Or just head over and donate straight up.  That’s cool too.  :)

Also, Kelley Freeman of Ramen Needles will be auctioning off a new creation every day.  Keep your eyes on the SSA Week home page for updates.  :)  Today’s is an adorable Flying Spaghetti Monster! 

SSA intern Ellen Lundgren will also be auctioning off some adorable creations.  Greta Christina and I will be posting them every day.  Here’s today’s green Cthulu!

Ain’t he cyoot?  Leave bids in the comments!  It all goes to the SSA.

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