Changing the Government and Why JT Cried (Blogathon 22/49)

Zengaze asked me: If you could make one change to government policy, just one what would it be and why.

Woah. Zengaze, you made me think. Or you made me try to think. My brain is kind of mush after writing all day.

One thing I would like to get rid of is our stupid party system. A lot of people simply vote for someone because they belong to a certain political party, and that’s stupid. I wish we could simply have candidates, see how they feel about the issues, and then vote for whom we think will do a better job. I want us to vote for the better person, not for the party with which we affiliate. I really just can’t stand our entire system.

Ren asks: When was the last time JT cried, and why?

So far as I remember, the last time I saw JT cry was at the airport almost 2 weeks ago. We were hugging goodbye, and he was going back to Ohio after we finally had time together after 7 weeks of being apart.

Rachel Pridgen asks: What question does JT hope no one will ask?

He joked on Facebook that no one should ask if he has any weird kinks, but I think it’s really, “What scares JT?”


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  • Ed Brayton

    I’ve heard about JT’s weird kinks. Something about albino midgets and Teddy Ruxpin dolls. He’s a sick man.

  • Zengaze

    Thanks for the answer.

    It’s an interesting one too I have to say I agree that the party political system sucks. But is probably a result of human tendency to group and I doubt whether any other system would evolve under our current systems, even if we abolished parties I think elected reps would still group into collectives and swap favours, abandon positions for support on high value issues, (politicking).

    But I’m guessing that’s a whole other blog post, and one well worth doing if you find the time!

  • J*

    Oh “if” isn’t so bad. Now if someone asked “what are they”…

  • Wes

    I think a situation where we don’t have political parties sounds terrible. People are already way too caught up in candidate’s personalities. I favor a parliamentary system where we have many parties, and people vote for a party, not a candidate.