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Christina here…

Did you know I science?

Right now I am working on a project to develop a training program to teach new wheelchair users with spinal cord injuries essential wheelchair propulsion and daily life skills.

Occupational therapists have been doing this since like World War II, but given that my profession is moving in the direction of evidence-based practice (it makes me a little upset that we weren’t doing that from the start, but hey, better late than never) my research team at Washington university decided to develop an evidence-based program.

Anyway, the other day someone suggested we come up with a catchy name for our program. Right now it doesn’t even have a name.

We’ve come up with a few acronyms but nothing quite sticks. Things like: The WEELS Program: Wheelchair E? Evidence-Based Learning System. See? Not quite.  We also like the word SPOKE.

Here are some key words related to our program:

Wheelchair, Spinal cord, Training, Learning, Evidence-based, Propulsion, Biomechanics, Skills, Life, Occupational Therapy…

Can you guys come up with a good acronym for our program? Essentially, it’s a 3 week, 3 days a week training system, comprised of wheelchair propulsion training, and training in wheelchair skills like maintenance of your chair, wheelies, ramps, curbs, transfers, picking things up and reaching for things, etc.

Everyone, in addition to crowdsourcing a name, I want you to donate to the SSA. This week is SSA week. See? I dare you to click this link here. 

This picture proves it.

This is post 2/24 by Christina for the SSA blogathon in support of the Secular Student Alliance! Go donate to them!

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