Proving Love (Blogathon 36/49)

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Bill Krueger asks: Do you find answering the question “Prove that you love [insert name here]” difficult? Please note, I’m an atheist so I hope you don’t consider this a baited question.

When people find out I’m an atheist, they often ask, “Do you believe in love?” My first reaction is always, “Yes, of course I believe in love!” It’s an emotion which means something different to almost everyone, but I do love. I love my family, my friends, my boyfriend, etc. Never before have I been asked to prove that I loved someone. No, I don’t think that’s difficult.

First how do you prove that someone makes you happy? You see if you smile, right? How do you prove that you hate someone? You could show by your actions. If you were mean to that person and did whatever you could to make them unhappy, that would be evidence that would make me think you hated that person. Well, to prove that I love someone, you could watch my actions. If I do whatever is within my power to keep that person happy, to support that person, and to spend time out of my day with that person not out of obligation but out of want, well I’d say that would be evidence of love.

My boyfriend sends me flowers when I’m sad, he visits me when he has a free weekend, and he talks to me every day that he can. Love has evidence. It is shown in various ways, and these ways that I have listed are not the only ways to show love, but it’s easy to see.


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