Discrimination, lying, and faith, a polyamorous marriage made in heaven (Blogathon 2/49)

JT again!

Last week PZ pointed out that, in response to a marriage equality bill getting passed in Washington, the faithful were turning to petitions as a means to display their love for the sinner through discrimination.

And look at this: faith in Jesus isn’t keeping some of them from lying.

The secretary of state in Washington has discovered what are thought to be some 48 fraudulent petition sheets with nearly 1,000 signatures that were turned in with regards to Referendum 74. The petition sheets were handed in by a single paid signature gatherer who was working on behalf of Preserve Marriage Washington, a subsidiary of the National Organization for Marriage.

The point of petitions is to show the government how much support you have.  The admission that you have to feign support not only says the public outcry isn’t there, is says a lot about your scruples.

It also says that modernity has left you behind and, rather than join us or occupy the ground you’ve staked out by yourselves, you’d rather drag us all back to a time of less progress with your lies.

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