Don't miss the stand up for religious freedom rally!

Christina here…

Crap, I forgot to blog about this until just now.

Today, the nationwide Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally takes place, starting at noon. There’s a rally happening in St. Louis, so I’m going to go check it out.

Here’s what the event is about:

Opposition among the American people to the HHS Mandate’s assault on religious freedom is intense—and getting stronger!

The only “assault on religious freedom” I’ve heard about is the mandate that health care plans cover contraceptives for women with no co-pay. If you click on the HHS mandate link, they talk about it in more detail.

Citizens across the country are rising up in response to this unprecedented attack on religious liberty, freedom of conscience and the sanctity of life. The first major step in their opposition to the HHS Mandate and bold defense of religious freedom is the Rally for Religious Freedom, being held March 23, 2012 at noon local time in over 100 cities from coast to coast.

The Rally for Religious Freedom — popularly known as the “Stand Up Rally” will launch an ongoing, grassroots effort to stand in solidarity with the American Catholic bishops and other religious leaders denouncing the HHS Mandate, educate the general public about what’s truly at stake in this controversy, and demand that Congress reverse this assault on our cherished freedoms — or effect that reversal through the democratic process.

That’s it. That’s the only issue the rally page mentions.

I’ll try to be there at noon at the St. Louis location!

p.s. See you tomorrow for my 9am-9pm blogathon!

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