Finally! A Jersey Shore for conservatives

It’s so odd.  The Call of the Giles purports to be a reality spin-off for the faithful lovers of god and country (a distinction made not by how much an individual cares for the US of A, but on how ignorant they are of its history).  But there’s not much of a difference, really.  You still get young women in trashy clothing, you still get assholes, you still get overly aggressive drama, and the IQ of the characters is about the same.  The guys are older, but that’s really the only difference I can spot.

The goal is to emulate Jersey Shore and The Kardashians while catering to people who think they’re morally superior.  This is apparently done by embracing a bunch of the same qualities and giving them god’s stamp of approval.

The promo opens with “The book on the traditional American family is about to be re-written.”

If you re-write tradition, it’s not tradition anymore.  Like saying “The Orthodox Catholic family is about to start taking birth control.”

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