Guild Wars 2 release date! Let the atheist guild form!

It’s official!  Guild Wars 2 will be released on August 28!!!  (Gamestop looks ridiculous now)

So, I’m going to make an executive decision.  Atheist guild will be on the Gates of Madness server.  If you’re planning on joining up, leave your race and class in the comments: because we want diversity even in our games!  :P

We also need a name for the guild.  I’d prefer something with the word “atheist” in it so people can see that word every time we take one of their keeps!  Let’s see some clever name suggestions!

Also, let’s see some politics.  Who shall lead our glorious guild?  I’ll be honest, I don’t play enough to get the job.  Anybody here experienced with running a guild?  Who shall we elect?  :)

As for class and race, I’m thinking a human engineer or a human guardian.  I’ll probably go with the engineer.  I like support classes a lot.

So freaking excited!

About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • Mutsumi

    Like Raptor Ready said:

    Please say we can get the name “Evil Little Things”

    Also, if I can properly do it from europe, you can cout in one more human Elementalist/Thief.

  • kirikasena

    I agree that we should have the word atheist in our title. “Evil Little Things” doesn’t really make it clear that we’re atheists, as most people won’t get the reference. I’m undecided about my character details. I’m still trying to deal with the fact that this is releasing right before the fall semester starts (IMHO, ArenaNet picked way too late of a release date).

    • kagekiri

      Well, we could go with Atheists: Evil Little Things for clarity, though it does seem clunkier than I’d like…

  • Improbable Joe

    Does this “game” have either a “Jump” or “Turbo” button?

    • kagekiri

      Yes to a jump button, but no turbo….er…do spells that make you run faster count?

      There is also quick travel, where you just click on a landmark in the map to go there as long as you’ve walked there once before.

      Or, this is a joke, and it’s just whooshing over my head…?

      • Improbable Joe

        Kind of a joke. I probably need a “punch” button too, elsewise I don’t recognize it as a game.

  • ishkodewaaboo

    I’m in. Unfortunately I missed the betas, so I haven’t played and I’m not really sure what race/class combo I’ll go for. All of the classes look fun, I may have to try a couple out before I pick a main. Unless there will be more betas between now and then? Two months is a long ways off.

    Anyway, I’m in for Gates of Madness. I like the name “Evil Little Things”, but it would be amusing to see “atheist” or some equivalent in the name, though we’d probably get trolled hard in chat. “No Gods No Masters” maybe?

    • ishkodewaaboo

      I do have what feels like a dumb question – I’m trying to find a site that has some good discussions about in-game mechanics, but arena net apparently closes their forums when the betas aren’t active (and it doesn’t look like users post there anyway?). Anyone know any good sites, preferably with forums, where I could go to find out about that sort of stuff from people who’ve been on the betas?

      Since each class basically has the ability to do damage, control or support, picking a class is mainly about playstyle, and I’m just trying to get an idea of what to expect, beyond the mini previews on GW2′s site. Same thing with races, since GW2′s site basically just has racial lore, so other than the obvious cosmetic differences I have no idea what sorts of abilities or whatever each one has.

      I might be a BIT of a min/maxer, but mainly it’s more that I’d hate to find out after clocking a few weeks of playtime on a class/race that some other one has this amazingly cool ability or set of abilities that would be really fun to have.

      …this might explain some of my altaholism.

      • JT Eberhard

        Not a dumb question at all. :)

        I’m not sure about a web site that has that, though there are lots of in-depth youtube vids on different classes (Yogscast has some great ones).

        Honestly, as far as your min/max tendency goes, I think it may be disappointed by balance. GW2 seems to have done a phenomenal job at balancing the classes. During the last BWE I asked the global channel which class they felt was most powerful. The first six responses were six different classes.

        • ishkodewaaboo

          Thanks, I’ll check out Yogscast. Just want to see something more than the one-page high-level overview of classes on GW2′s site.

          And as for min/max vs. balance, I honestly prefer that it’s balanced. Any min/max tendencies I have probably come from too many years of WoW and all the Elitist Jerks builds that you had to know to be competitive in endgame, because in games like that, bigger numbers > more skill. I much prefer balance and asymmetry in games, where each class takes its own approach to accomplishing the same thing. (I loved that about Warhammer Online’s classes.)

          To be clear: I’m not looking for “the best class” so much as “which class sounds like it will be the best fit for how I like to play” + “are there any abilities that sound particularly awesome that I want to be able to use?” The GW2 site gave me an idea of which I might like, but that just means I’ve narrowed it down to 6 out of 8 classes :)

          • JT Eberhard

            I played the beta. What is your style generally like? :)

          • IslandBrewer

            Or an easier question might be,”What classes in other games matched your playstyle best?”

          • ishkodewaaboo

            Well, it does vary – I am a bit of an altaholic – but usually I either like to get in close and burn things down one-to-one, so that’d probably be thief or warrior, or sit back and do ranged AoE style damage, usually magical, which sounds like elementalist, mesmer, necro, or probably engineer. At least from how I understand it.

            One thing I liked in WoW was the “annoying” aspect of mages, being hard to catch, freezing, jumping away from stuff, AoE debuffs, temporary bubbles, and tons of little proc effects on spells like slows, snares, dots, instant-cast or no-mana combos, etc. All while running around dropping AoE on melees.

            And liked my death knight, because I could wade into any melee and not be worried about getting squished, I could go toe-to-toe with anything and smash its face in with massive, relentless damage.

            I also play TERA some, and in that I like the warrior class because it’s an evasion tank, which is a really neat mechanic. I like moving out of the way of stuff, running circles around a confused and increasingly annoyed opponent poking it and dropping some occasional burst dmg until it dies.

            So…yeah, I’m not necessarily stuck on one single role or playstyle, just looking to see what the options are.

          • JT Eberhard

            It sounds like you’d really like the warrior.

            As far as hard to catch, mesmer, hands down.

            As far as sitting back and doing ranged AoE, the elementalist is pretty solid.

          • ishkodewaaboo

            Yeah those seemed to be the ones that appealed to me the most, I’ll give them a try in the next beta. Engineers seemed neat because of the turrets and stuff, I don’t know if it’s going to be something novel, or if it’s going to feel like, say, shaman totems in WoW.

            I’ll just have to block some time out for the beta and try them all out!

          • JT Eberhard

            Engineers feel unique to me. I love mine. :D

          • Mutsumi

            You could try giving a thief a whirl too. It has it’s own in and out type of thing going on that you might like if you like the evasion principle. Guardian would also fit the death knight theme in the sense that it’s probably the tankiest one, so you wouldn’t haveto worry about being squished. As for Forums, Guild Wars 2 guru seems ok.

      • NightRaith

        I’d recommend a youtuber named Wooden potatoes he has an ongoing series called guild wars 2 daily which comes out every day and is about gw2 lore and mechanics he also has videos of a complete play through of all expansions of gw1 and he started putting out a summary series about the events of gw1 which comes out every 2 weeks there’s 2 so far

  • NightRaith

    Human Elementalist
    Norn guardian
    Charr engineer
    Asura necro/mesmer
    Sylvari Mesmer/hunter

    I’m making them all the first day so I get the names I want

  • kagekiri

    Sylvari Elementalist
    Human Mesmer
    Charr Engineer
    Norn Ranger
    Asura Warrior

    Might mix and match between now and release, but will probably end up with at least one of each race.

    Then maybe some alts for Necro and Guardian…yeah, I’m probably buying extra slots.

  • katrana

    Human Necro as a main! Also Evil Little Things is an epic guild name. As for politics someone who plays enough to be aware of any issues and willing to make decisions for the betterment of the guild. :)

  • tynk

    yay!! Pokey Pokey!

    Asura thief!

  • Tim Keating

    I’m caucasian, upper middle class. Wait, what?

  • Nick Johnson

    I was still on the fence about this game but if we’re going to be joining up to fight the forces of gullibility then count me in.
    I don’t know much about the game but I have mmo experience and I typically just play whatever class the guild is lacking.

    • JT Eberhard

      That’s the thing: you don’t *need* a particular class. No more holy trinity. :)

      • Nick Johnson

        I MUST HAVE IT NOW. So much for getting all my school work done. It’s all your fault!

  • IslandBrewer

    OOOH! ME, ME, ME!

    Aww, I wanted to play either a Norn Ranger or Charr Engineer (what is it with Charr engineers?), too.

    However, while variety and diversity is cool, it’s not quite as important for GW2, given their lack of standard roles.

    I may also wind up with 5 characters, because I, too, am an altaholic.

    Like JT, I would never be on enough to be a guild leader, although I’m a wonderful manager, if all you wanted was a glorified admin.

    Also, guilds of Meatspace friends work fine, and guilds with specific focus (PvP, raiding, casual, RP) work well, too, if everyone is on board with that. So, I’m worried that, given that we’re none of those aforementioned groups, if that’s going to be a problem. (Also, I know nothing about the “multiple guild” thing reported to be in this game.)

    Also, there’s one more beta event scheduled for July 20-22, if you’re Jonesing for a fix.

    • JT Eberhard

      Dual guilds is totally a thing. I will be in a guild with meatspace friends as well as the atheist guild. :)

      Yeah, guilds with focus do better, no doubt. But I’m sure we’ll have people who want to do it all. I love PvP and PvE. Fortunately, GW2 seems to take casual out of the equation. You get leveled down when you’re in a lower level area. i.e., if you have a level 80 and want to go back and play with a friend who is level 5 in their area, your 80 will play as though he’s level 5 while there. Also, structured PvP makes you 80 for PvP and equalizes equipment. No need to grind for gear.

  • durga

    I will tentatively say Sylvari ranger, assuming I get the game.

  • mattmartin

    Charr Warrior me thinks.

    • JT Eberhard

      There’s a part of me that really wants to make a banner-based warrior for large-scale battles.

  • KeganL

    I’ll definitely be there. Not sure what class/race I’ll be yet. Probably Ele/Mes/Necro, one of those. I don’t care what the name is as long as it’s awesome.

    I’m not sure if I would make a good guild leader, but I could make a decent officer. I have (coming up on) 10 years of MMO experience, and 6 of that as a guild leader/officer, in various games. Either way this’ll be fun!

  • JT Eberhard

    How about “Guild of the Godless”?

  • IslandBrewer

    In addition to the previous suggestions (just so I can avoid work for a few minutes):

    “Godless Little Things”
    “Guild of the Evil Little Things”
    “Monsters of the Flying Spaghetti”
    “Godless, Masterless”
    “Invisible Flying Pink Spaghetti Unicorns”

    Ok, I’m getting a little too esoteric for name recognition. I’m really going to work, now.

    Really. Stop me from posting, please.

    • JT Eberhard

      I really like “Godless”!

      • ishkodewaaboo

        “Godless” is simple and to the point. No long mouthful, no reference to something other players won’t get. I like it.

        I still think “Evil Little Things” would be great, but I doubt anyone would get it, it’s not obviously an atheist name.

        • Daytheist

          “Godless” works well, I think.

          I’ll likely play a Sylvari Necro/Mesmer. Maybe an Elementalist, I’m not sure.

  • Loqi

    I’ll probably pick it up and try it out, since I liked the first. I come from a progression-minded WoW raiding background, so I hope there’s plenty of challenge at the endgame.

    I play pretty much everything. I gravitate toward things that have a high skill cap and reward high levels of situational and positional awareness. Since I haven’t researched the game at all, I have no idea which class/role combination that is. Since I loved my mesmer in the first game, I’ll probably start there.

  • Molch

    If I can join from Europe put me down for a sylvari guardian or ranger!
    Also “Godless” is an awesome title. Short and to the point.

  • John-Henry Beck

    Well, I haven’t played Guild Wars before. Haven’t really played MMOs before (I did play Everquest for a few months once upon a time, but mostly just solo and didn’t get in to it.)

    But having an atheist guild might get me interested enough to try it out. Not cheap, but with no subscription cost and friends to play with that’s easier to justify.

    But not having played it, I don’t know the classes or races.
    I guess looking at the Web site solves part of that, though…
    I suppose human and sylvari are most likely, and ranger, warrior, and elementalist.

  • BaisBlackfingers

    I am totally in, but I’m gonna reserve the race/class decision until I actually have the game. And probably will change anyway. Maybe you should make another thread after launch.

  • Carina

    I am in..

    Sylvari Ranger FTW!

    I run a guild at the moment but have signed up for a Diploma so at this time cannot offer to run the guild. I do however know someone that might be up for it :)

  • Mark

    Any word on an open beta or free trial/demo? I might want to join this guild, but first I want to know I’m playing something I find fun. :-)

    (WoW did NOT interest me in the slightest.)

    • carinade almeida

      Beta is only available on pre-purchase mate. And then again it is only every so often but we get a 3day head start before release :)

      • Mark

        Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. I don’t pre-purchase in general (I wait for reviews before I buy), and I’ve never played an MMO I enjoyed, so this one’s definitely not gonna break that pattern.

        I’d like to give it a shot, though! You guys make it sound like a lot of fun.

        • kagekiri

          Hopefully, the game will do what other games in the genre do and let people give their friend’s weekend pass demo codes; then we’d be able to distribute codes via this site and let people who are interested give the game a hands-on test before buying.

  • John Horstman

    Are there gods in the Guild War lore? “Flat-Earth Atheists” would be pretty funny if there are, as I enjoy self-parody (or more accurately, I enjoy parodying straw versions of myself). “Godless” also sounds good to me: it’s even inclusive of those who don’t like the label/identity “atheist”.

    As for race/class, I haven’t checked any of it out yet. I actually like CRPGs more than MMOs, so my character creation is usually based around functional soloing. I loved my WoW Troll hunter (DPS), and I also enjoyed my Blood Elf priest (healz – primarily used in parties, in which case I’m happy to play support/healing roles; medic is my favorite and easily best class in TF2 as well). I tend to prefer range and picking off targets one-by-one versus AOE damage.

    I also like crafting quite a lot, so if there are any combinations that lend themselves particularly well to high-value crafting roles for the guild, let me know.

    At any rate, I’m totally down for this. The price tag will be worth even somewhat infrequent/casual play to me (if I end up not being *that* into it), especially without a subscription fee.

    • kagekiri

      There totally are!

      Atheist-wise, the Charr (cat-like people) actually KILLED their “gods” and exiled their oppressive misogynist priests, which is freaking awesome. It’s not really atheistic, but definitely anti-theistic; killing off gods, priests, and misogyny all at once is quite the trifecta. “God slayers” would have a nice ring to it.

      For Humans in the lore, they had 6 ish main gods who actually physically manifested themselves (one of the quests in the first Guild Wars has someone mortal replacing one of the 6 gods), but they’ve been missing for many years. It’s a bit Greek pantheon-ish, with gods who are human-like (and obviously, some who used to be human).

      The Asura (little genius beasties who look pretty alien) are sort of the high-tech/magic-tech race, and I haven’t heard anything about their gods. They come across as self-absorbed mad scientists more than wizards. They did get driven out of their underground cities by dragons, who are the god-like bad guys of the game; I wouldn’t be surprised if they were pretty much atheists.

      The Sylvari (tree people) don’t really have gods despite being born out of one tree with a hive-ish mind, but they do have a bit of religious dogma. The first of their numbers found some centaur prophet’s writings near their home tree and made it their creed. Those who rebel against said dogma (I think it was a respect life sort of creed…so maybe it’s not that bad??) are considered evil; don’t think you can really play as the anti-dogmatics in the story, as far as I can tell from the lore.

      The Norn (giant humans) are shamanistic, so there are physical manifested spirits of animals that they choose to worship, and they can partially transform into animals in the game.

      So yeah…there are gods, but a good number of the playable races are pretty much godless. The humans are the only ones with what they actually call gods, and they pretty much have no idea where those gods went.

      • NightRaith

        Right now no one knows what happened to the human gods they used to physically live in a city called Arah in the nation of Orr they eventually physically left but still helped the humans. then the Guild Wars started and in the middle of this the Charr attacked and destroyed Ascalon then started advancing on Kryta and Orr. Kryta held them back but the Charr destroyed Orr’s armies and so the vizier of Orr used a powerful magic scroll from before the exodus of the gods that he claimed would save Orr but he was working for the fallen god Abadon and he sunk the nation instead. After the campaign of Nightfall when Kormir takes Abadon’s place in the pantheon of the human gods they start growing distant from humanity and for the last 200 years have been almost completely silent. Now Zhaitan, the elder dragon of the undead who was sleeping under Orr, has awakened. It raised Orr from the sea causing massive tidal waves it then raised an army of the undead and is still based in Orr where the game will end in the former city of the gods.

        and the Asura believe in something called the Eternal Alchemy which is kind of a combination of deism and determinism.

        • kagekiri

          Oh, crud, forgot about that part. Thanks for the correction and expansion; I only knew the basic human stuff from Wiki summaries because I was reading up for GW2.

      • John Horstman

        Oh man, Charr is sounding appropriate, as I consider myself an anti-theist along those same lines (inspired by Pullman): it’s unlikely to the point of absurdity that any of the proposed gods do exist, but if they do, I will fight against their authoritarian existential hierarchy/ies to whatever extent I can. One thing I’ve never understood about all religions is why the existence of a given god should mean that we worship that god. Really, were there any, they’ve made a right mess of things.

  • otrame

    Haven’t played it so don’t know what I will be but I’d love to be part of the “Godless” guild. I agree that Evil Little Things would be a great name too. So let us know when/where to sign on to the guild once it is out.

  • Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach

    I’m in for “Godless”, my main will be a rebuild of my Charr Engineer from the betas, but I intend to have one of everything else as well.

  • deepfriedfreethinkers

    Looking forward to seeing this through. Tweenky and I have been playing all the Betas and stress test. We have most of our characters picked out, I just hope we get 5+ character slots, lol

  • tweenkydee

    It’s my style to have one of each class. I expect to be playing Sylvari, Human, and Norn. Nathan and I were both officers in previous guilds so we’d be happy to help organize. We also have a couple of super atheist/skeptic friends who will likely join too.

  • adamshelton

    Asuran Mesmer here. Looking forward to it!

  • Daniel Schealler

    Charr Engineer!

    For the Iron Legion!


    • Daniel Schealler

      Oh: I’m holding off on rolling up a Charr until the release because I want to save the personal storyline and such so that I’m playing through it for the first time as a character that I’ll actually get to keep.

      Until release I’m going to play around with other races/classes pretty much all over the show.

  • David

    You can count me in as a Norn thief, I’m liking the “godless” name for the guild.