Harassment policy at American Atheists

I was invited along with many other FtBers and some other bloggers to sit in on a conference call today to discuss the American Atheists’ new harassment policy.

1.  I appreciated them getting input from us.  They got us together and they actually listened.

2.  Dave Silverman was very frank: he wanted a policy that was sex positive but harassment negative.  I feel they’ve achieved it.

I continually find myself in the middle on these issues.  I think we have real issues with the way women get treated in the atheist movement.  I also think that taking the nuclear option to fix it can seriously impede the pursuit of fun for others (including women).  I think what AA has done strikes a good balance.  It should do a lot to prevent harassment/triggers while simultaneously allowing others to pursue getting laid or flirting at conferences if they so choose.

Give the policy a look-see here and leave thoughts, critiques, or praise in the comments.

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