I'll bet you'd love to see us leave (we're not gonna)

John Hagee is a nutbar who nobody would have ever heard of if there weren’t a great number of people just as demented by faith as he (so let’s ditch the idea that we’re caricaturing people).

There’s been a video of his circulating because he tries to dump some of his brain’s refuse on atheists.

What everybody else seems to be taking away from this is Hagee telling atheists to leave the country.  That wasn’t what stuck out to me.  Some guy who thinks he has the deed to America because he’s never cracked a history book is nothing new.

What caught my attention was when he says to atheists, “We don’t want you.”  I’ll bet you don’t!  You don’t want the opposition.  You don’t want people poking holes in your bullshit.  The more we do that, the less money goes into the offering plate.

But we’re here.  And we’re growing.  And we’re loud.  And I’ll bet that just eats at people like Hagee – enough to wish we’d leave.

He prefaces one section with, “If our belief in god offends you…” You’ve got it all wrong, John.  We don’t think we have the right to dictate how anybody else lives their life because it offends us, even if their beliefs are a festering abortion of rationality.  It’s you and your ilk who are saying that others should organize their behavior around your sense of propriety/offense.  However, we atheists do very much care about the malicious effects of faith; namely its power to keep people less knowledgeable and the way that affects society.  And so we shred your bullshit.

If you can’t live with people criticizing your ideas, move.

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