Kansas will never learn (Blogathon 39/49)

Kansas is getting ready to have another controversy over science classes teaching science.

Kansas is headed toward another debate over how evolution is taught in its public schools, with a State Board of Education member saying Wednesday that science standards under development are “very problematic” for describing the theory as a well-established, core scientific concept.

Don’t they remember when they tried this a decade ago?  Don’t they remember what happened?

That.  That happened.

I’m sure we can arrange for the school board to get an avalanche of letters demanding equal time for FSMism under their loose definition of “theory.”  After all, Kansas is where the glorious faith began!  But perhaps we need a companion deity this time around…

I suggest Mortimer, the Godly Tree Stump.


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  • http://jonvoisey.net Jon Voisey

    As I pointed out to another friend that linked to this article, it’s 100% hyperbole. If you read it, it doesn’t actually say anything about Kansas being headed towards another battle. It merely says the standards are up for review and Ken Williams is spouting off idiocy. But that’s nothing new. It DOESN’T mean that there’s enough of the board on his side for him to actually swing the standards back in the direction of the Creationists. He doesn’t have a prayer on that end (since we all know prayer is ineffective anyway).

    Rather, all this article does is give him more attention than he deserves. The proper response would be to put his comments in the proper context (what I’ve said above) and the only further commentary necessary is as follows:


  • http://somersplace.wordpress.com Somerville

    JT, I like your work but in this instance you are so wrong. Your picture is not of Mortimer, the Godly Tree Stump rather it is small portion of Asherah, who we all know is the True God’s Only Wife.

    Obviously some heathen attacked her earthly symbol and this picture is all that we now have of the Goddess who knows more than you (and is a better cook also).