My Favorite Evening, in the Style of 50 Shades of Grey… (Blogathon 32/49)

Michaelyn again!

PhilMay says: Describe your favorite evening out with J.T., extra points given if you can write it in the style of Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Just for you Phil…(note: if you don’t get the humor, you haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey. That’s okay, don’t do it. It should be noted that JT is not controlling and isn’t that mysterious. Some of these details are embellished. Actually most of them are… I’ll give the real story after I have fun with this narration.)

After meeting Mr. Eberhard and running into him a few times, he invited me to stay at his home in Ohio for a weekend.  While I insisted that it wasn’t necessary, he purchased my plane ticket for me. So controlling. When I got to Ohio, he picked me up at the airport. He didn’t say much, but there was a smile in his eyes. I think. We shook hands, and as we did, I felt a shock through my entire body. He always does this to me. I wonder if he feels it, too? My subconscious tells me that he doesn’t. I flush as I get into his car. In the afternoon, he decided we would go to the zoo.  I agreed since this was a public space and made me feel safer. It’s not that I felt unsafe, but JT is just so hard to predict. While entering the zoo, I tried to pay for my ticket, but JT glared at me. Was he angry? I asked, “Do you always have to have your way?”

“Yes, Michaelyn. I always get my way,” he replied. There was a glint in his eye that made my subconscious feel like we weren’t talking about the zoo anymore.

As we walked through the zoo, the sky began to turn gray. Suddenly it started to rain. JT grabbed my hand, turned to look at me for a moment. I saw a sexy smile appear on his face before he turned and ran, pulling me along.


Okay Phil that’s all I can take. I hope you appreciated that.

What really happened: JT invited me to stay at his place for a weekend. We didn’t shake hands at the airport, we hugged. One of my favorite dates of ours was when we decided to go to the zoo on a whim. We held hands and I took pictures. It was kind of adorable. Later in the day, it did start to pour rain. We stood under a bridge for a few seconds, but decided that was lame. Instead we took off running through the rain to the nearest indoor exhibit. We were soaked,  but it was so much fun. After the zoo, we went to Olive Garden (because we’re classy as fuck). That day is still one of my favorite memories with JT. It’s when I started to really like him.


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