My Turn! (Blogathon 6/49)

Why hello there. Michaelyn here!

That's me with JT!

As you might be aware, I’m a bit fond of JT.  From now til uh, later, I will be blogging every half hour for today’s blogathon! Woooo! First, how about I introduce myself? Yeah? Yeah!

So as you know, I’m Michaelyn. That’s pronounced like Michael and Lynn crammed into one name. Don’t worry if you’ve been saying/reading it incorrectly; very seldom do new people say my name right on the first try. My last name is Everhart. Yes, that’s extremely close to JT Eberhard’s last name. Stranger things have happened.

I’m currently a student at the University of Kansas, so if you don’t like the Jayhawks YOU CAN LEAVE. Just kidding! Kind of. I’ll be a junior next year and am on track to graduate in the spring of 2014 with a degree in physics. I think that makes me a nerd.

If you don’t already think I’m a nerd, let me help you with that. I enjoy reading in my spare time, love Harry Potter, and if I have time, I enjoy playing video games. I currently own Skyrim, but haven’t been able to commit much time to it. When JT visits we play LittleBigPlanet, and it’s probably the most adorable thing you could ever imagine.

So with that, I’m glad to be here (even if I’m a little nervous about today). Mostly I’m glad you’re here! I would surely appreciate comments throughout the day just to know someone’s out there.

This is post 6 of 49 for Blogathon.

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About michaelyn
  • John Eberhard

    Now that I know who you are from that miteefine introduction, I look forward to following the rest of your commentary on this blog today.

  • Carol Eberhard

    Hey! How wonderful to see you here…welcome aboard! I look forward to following you today. I happen to love nerds, you know…:o)

  • Sarah

    You should tell us embarrassing things about JT…that’d inspire me to donate! :)

    Good luck! :)

  • Kaoru Negisa

    Your last name is “Everhart”? That’s the name of my SCA household. Weird.

    Good luck on the blogathon. You’re going to need it.

  • steinbart

    There’s definitely someone out there :) I’m looking very much forward to the blogathon, and thank you for hanging in there and sharing your story!

    Sending a heads up (and a small donation) from oh-so-secular Europe, and I promise I did it not only to see you and JT get cake on your faces ;)

  • Drakk

    Salutations, fellow scientist.

  • Mriana

    You sound almost like my son, except he likes to fix computers too. I don’t think he’s a nerd nor do I think you are. Then again, I enjoy the company of very intelligent people, so maybe I’m a nerd and don’t realize it. Anyway…

    Looking forward to reading your posts. :)