Next guy who advances a position without a reason: lero

Today’s theme seems to be the champions of Catholicism who have mysteriously found my blog this last week.  Here’s lero.

her brilliance is hardly surprising, the most intelligent people that have roamed the earth have been firm believers (newton, copernico, einstein, even galileo with the pope conflict, planck, gauss, pascal, mendeliev, pitagoras, st. augustine was the most brilliant student in 3rd century greece……….)

the existence of God is pretty logical, as St. Thomas Aquinas, another bright mind of history, exposed

he would have debates with atheists,which would go:
– St. Thomas speaks
– St. Thomas listens
– St. Thomas give “better” atheist arguments than the ones they would give
– St. Thomas counterarguments his own “atheist” arguments

You’ve got to be kidding me.

When you force people into belief under pain of death for centuries, such that the population must identify as Catholic or die, you can’t be too shocked when many of the most brilliant people in society identify as Catholic.  Surely you don’t believe their intellect or their achievements had shit to do with their Catholicism, do you?  What’s more, if higher intellect leads people to Catholicism, why the need to threaten brilliant people with death for unbelief or for espousing conclusions that ran contra to church doctrine as the Catholic church did for centuries?

A good example would be Galileo.  You’re seriously using him as an example of how the church nurtures brilliance?  You know they excommunicated him and confined him to house arrest for expressing ideas contra to church doctrine (in this case, that the earth was not the center of the universe).  In this case they were actually nice to Galileo (by Catholic standards anyway) because he had powerful friends in the church.  Ordinarily they would’ve just killed him like they did so many other scholars who made similar speculations.  And this is the basis for your case that Catholicism doesn’t squelch the fruits of intellect?  Are you high?

And Einstein was a Catholic?  Horseshit.  You’re either lying hoping I wouldn’t catch you, which is extremely lame; or you didn’t do your research before spouting off, which is slightly less lame, but still pretty lame.

Then we get, “the existence of god is pretty logical.”  You know what we don’t get?  Wait for it…

A SINGLE FUCKING REASON TO ACCEPT THAT!  Someone rose from the dead 2,000 years ago, walked on water, and our crackers and wine turn into flesh and blood under the proper ritual…and we’re supposed to accept that as logical on your word, without a single argument to support it?

All we got from you was that St. Thomas pwned atheists back in the day.  If he pwned them so hard, why don’t you grace us with one of his arguments so we can stand in awe?

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