Ninja bachelor raid (Blogathon 27/49)

So, back in high school we had a really tight-knit group of friends.  We called ourselves “The Guys Team” (yes, there was a Girls Team too).

One of our members, Jeremiah, wound up getting married when he grew up.  Jeremiah always had a thing for ninjas.  This pissed me off since I’m a pirate.

Anyway, for his bachelor party he said he wanted a LAN party.  Our goals was to disappoint him.  Every time he called David to ask how planning was going, David diverted him to Brian.  “Yeah, I’m not sure about that.  Call Brian because I think he’s doing that.”  Brian would then divert him back to David in the same way.  At one point we had him so depressed that his fiance called us to say he was really upset about how it was all going.  We kept it up.

We also convinced him that David couldn’t get off work until late, which put us in town after a three-hour long drive even later.

Then the day of the bachelor party came.  We networked a whole house for a LAN party while Brian occupied Jeremiah at another party, the LAME party, designed to be as not fun as possible.

We readied our smoke bombs and katanas and made history.  Be warned, this video contains duct tape and a man in his underwear.

Bachelor Ninja Challenges! from Brian Sage on Vimeo.

Is this sophomoric and childish?  Absolutely.  Am I advocating this kind of thing?  Nope.

Am I saying I regret a minute of doing a lot of stuff like this in my youth?  Absolutely not.  Not even a little bit.  I’m a big fan of the axiom that you always regret the things you didn’t do a lot more than the ones you did.

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