Not done with Brian (Blogathon 31/49)

I wasn’t quite finished with Brian earlier.

There’s actually alot of proof for this argument for the Creationist account and it raises questions that you Darwinists will not answer, because your model fails.

Which “Darwinists” are you talking about?  Are you talking about the ones like me who studied music in college?  Well yeah, we often won’t answer them.  Not because our model fails, but because those questions, to lay people like us, are less relevant than the question, “What do the scientific experts say?”  We have answered that question.  It’s a very easy question to answer.

Take the very first sentence in the website’s foundation strategy.

Run this material by some darwinists to watch their eyes glaze over…

Congratulations: you’ve just demonstrated you can run a bunch of jargon by someone who isn’t versed in that subject and they’ll quickly lose interest.  Of course, you don’t understand it either, Brian.  That’s because the object, as clearly implied in the mission statement, is to cow people.  If you really wanted a rebuttal, Brian, you’d make an appointment with a biologist at a nearby university and ask them.  Instead you’re asking music majors.

I could do the same thing.  As a music theorist, if I were to speak to you with all the jargon I’m capable of on the subject of music, you’d be all kinds of lost.  Does that mean you should accept what I say even if all the other musical theorists think I’m a nitwit?  Of course not.  People uneducated in a subject shouldn’t value their opinion over that of the consensus of people who are.

I have found enough holes in their arguments and have come to witness that some of the smartest people can be morons too

You’ve found holes in the consensus of scientists?  Do tell.  You know they give out the Nobel Prize and a hefty cash award for stuff like that.  Curious no creationists, including you, have claimed either award.

But again, I suggest you either tackle the difficult issues we all face with our history with at least an ounce of intelligent thought instead of the simpleton antics you have demonstrated.

Are we talking about difficult issues?  I think the issues you want to tackle are very simple.  Trivially simple.  Insulting-to-even-the-most-pig-ignorant-people-on-earth simple.

Did insects come before plants?  No.  The book of Genesis (and therefore the bible) is wrong.

Did someone rise from the dead?  No.  There’s tons of evidence that people don’t rise from the dead.  There’s only an ancient book that contains no eye witness accounts (the gospels were not written by their namesakes, unless you also know history better than historians).  This is an easy question to answer.

What is the consensus of geologists on the idea of a global flood?  Didn’t happen.  Again, easy answer.

What is the consensus of physicists on the idea of someone walking on liquid water?  Didn’t happen.  Again, easy answer.

The only people who get these answers wrong are the ones who think they know better than the battery of the scientific experts the world over.  Not only is that an absolutely stupid position, it requires an arrogance that would make Muhammad Ali look like a pillar of humility.

That’s why I said, in my original post, that creationists are a pretentious lot.  They are, Brian.  You too are pretentious to a degree that would bury you in shame if you were a little more self-aware.

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