On Apiesexuality

Christina here…

I recently heard this term Aspiesexual, meaning: someone who is sexually attracted to people who have Asperger syndrome.

Apparently coined by the people at WrongPlanet (a message board for people in the autism community), this is such a rare term that a Googling only nets about 400 hits.

I’m not Aspiesexual but I get it – I can totally see being attracted to the dude in class who doesn’t quite fit in because of his Asperger’s, or being attracted to people with Asperger’s because you yourself have it.

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to people because they have (or seem to have) Asperger’s syndrome, any more than it is wrong to be attracted to someone who is highly intelligent or someone who is just a weirdo like me.

I wonder though: there are lots of people are attracted to amputees, or people who are blind, or wheelchair users, and there are people who want to be amputees, or who want to be blind, etc.

Are there people who want to have Aspergers? or Autism? Are there people sexually attracted to people with Down syndrome? Who wish they had Down syndrome?

The musings of a woman who has been on the computer since 8am this morning….


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  • JamesM

    About pretty much every redditor wishes on some level that they were some combination of aspie and/or obsessive-compulsive.

    • http://www.thereluctantskeptic.com rachelpridgen

      Hey! I’m some combination of aspie/obsessive-compulsive. So why don’t I like reddit?

      • Lxndr

        The arrows are backwards there. He’s not saying obsessive/aspie people want reddit.

        He’s saying reddit people want obsessive/aspie traits.

        (I can’t confirm this. I’ve never really “gotten” Reddit)

        • JamesM

          I redditted for about two years then just through my hands in the air and gave up.

          (╯°_°)╯  ʇıppəɹ ƃuıʞɔnɟ

  • Lxndr

    I’m a brain tumor survivor, and was just told by someone that they really really wanted to meet someone who’d had brain surgery (in that way).

    It’s not quite the down’s/aspie thing, but it’s another data point that seems to fall in the direction of this musing.

  • Narvi

    Well, there’s a lot of people who CLAIM to have Aspergers, because they see at as a license to be rude to people with no consequences. This is so common online, it’s been given a name: Assburgers (pronounced the same, but since it’s used in forums, that doesn’t matter), to tell them apart from us ACTUAL aspies. So maybe they WANT to have Aspergers, to protect themselves.

    Of course, those of us who have Aspergers try NOT to use it to gain “Being a dick” rights.

    • Rory

      That’s pretty much me. Not so much that I want to be a dick to anyone–in general I try to treat people decently and with some consideration.

      But social functioning is work for me the same way it would be work to conduct all my business in a second language. Decoding body language and tone and responding appropriately to people takes a lot of my focus and energy, and while I’m willing to make the investment in friends and family, as a general rule I really don’t like it when strangers try to engage me. It’s a lousy thing to admit about oneself, but I sort of feel like I’d be able to self-justify this if I was genuinely Aspergian (for the record, I’ve never been tested nor seriously considered it).

  • Adam

    That term is new to me. Lol
    All of the time I’ve been on WP, I’m kinda surprised I haven’t come across that yet.