On Apiesexuality

Christina here…

I recently heard this term Aspiesexual, meaning: someone who is sexually attracted to people who have Asperger syndrome.

Apparently coined by the people at WrongPlanet (a message board for people in the autism community), this is such a rare term that a Googling only nets about 400 hits.

I’m not Aspiesexual but I get it – I can totally see being attracted to the dude in class who doesn’t quite fit in because of his Asperger’s, or being attracted to people with Asperger’s because you yourself have it.

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to people because they have (or seem to have) Asperger’s syndrome, any more than it is wrong to be attracted to someone who is highly intelligent or someone who is just a weirdo like me.

I wonder though: there are lots of people are attracted to amputees, or people who are blind, or wheelchair users, and there are people who want to be amputees, or who want to be blind, etc.

Are there people who want to have Aspergers? or Autism? Are there people sexually attracted to people with Down syndrome? Who wish they had Down syndrome?

The musings of a woman who has been on the computer since 8am this morning….


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