Orly Taitz: only genius on earth (Blogathon 5/49)

JT here!  This is my last one for a bit.  But I’ll be back later today!

Orly Taitz, the birther loon, is running a campaign for office out in California that seems to be held together by duct tape and bubble gum.  Actually, just bubble gum.  Duct tape rules.

She just got her clock cleaned in the primaries, but it can’t be because the populace thinks she’s silly.  Of course not!  It’s everybody’s fault but hers.

Taitz explains how deep the conspiracy runs.

I would like to take this opportunity to expose 24 corrupt CAGop board members, who sold the endorsement to Emken on the first day of the campaign and prevented me and others from addressing the county central committees. They endorsed Emken, when they had results of 2010 election, where I got 537,000 votes in my race and Emken got only 11,000 in her race. CAGOP board ran a sham endorsement process, where they charged each candidate 500 under false pretenses, when they already made a decision and told several candidates not to bother to even show up at the endorsement meeting, as the decision was already made. I was not even told that I could come to the endorsement meeting and address the board. Dirty politics as usual. a number of candidates are planning to meet and discuss further strategies, as to what to do to end this corruption on the CA GOP board.

These corrupt board members listed this endorsement in 17 million sample ballots that were sent to voters. That did the trick. The voters looked in the sample ballot at the names of party endorsed candidates and marked them. Until and unless we remove all of the corrupt party bosses and go to paper ballots, where votes can be actually counted and verified, we would never have clean elections and we would have the same corrupt puppets in positions of power destroying this country and destroying our lives.

In the process of crafting this conspiracy she managed to insult the intelligence of the voters she’s vying to represent.  Those voters, who somehow got away from their shepherd and took a break from munching grass on a hillside to go vote, apparently looked at the sample ballot and, knowing nothing of politics, pulled the lever with the same name.

Actually, I think she’s given us an insight into how Republicans operate…

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