Praying the Gay Away (Blogathon 17/49)

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I just read this article about two young men who went to “therapy” programs that “help” individuals who are fighting with homosexuality.

Here’s the full article.

Sometimes referred to as “ex-gay therapy” or “conversion therapy,” reparative therapy is a now-widely discredited type of psychiatric treatment “aimed at changing sexual orientation,” according to the American Psychiatric Association (which recently condemned the theory behind such treatments). Many Christian-based programs like Living Waters recommend reparative therapy, not because of any scientific reasoning or research, but because they believe homosexuality is a sin, unnatural or a form of sexual brokenness.

It’s good to see that this kind of “treatment” is becoming widely discredited. The sad thing is, it’s still being used. What’s more, even if all these awful programs are shut down, we still have the churches to deal with. It is and will continue to be taught that homosexuality is a sin and those who “choose” that lifestyle are made to feel guilty about something that is completely out of their control.  This leads to parents kicking their children out their homes. This kind of thinking leads to suicide.

Before you say to me, “But my church doesn’t condemn homosexuality,” stop for a second. Don’t think homosexuality is a sin? Great. Go tell the other believers who do. They’re just as right as you are and have the same amount of proof that you have (which is none) that tells them they’re correct. I know not every Christian is of the opinion that homosexuality is an abomination, but a vast majority of them is.


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