Requested topic: what do I do to stay fit? (Blogathon 30/49)

Muscles Glasses with an epic protein shakeThe answer to that question has changed over time.  Recall that my anorexia transitioned into anorexia athletica.  When I wasn’t required to have eyes on me when at the gym I’d work out constantly (like to the point of throwing up and then to the point of throwing up again).  That’ll get you in shape real fast.  I often joke that if you’re going to pick a mental illness, pick the one that gets you in killer shape super quick.  😛

Now I’m more focused.  I lift t3-4 times/week, but I change up my lifting every few weeks (with the help of a trainer).  This creates muscles confusion and actually increases my gains.

I get lots of sleep.  That’s when most of your muscle mass gets built.  60%-70% of human growth hormone in men gets produced during the early stages of your sleep cycle.  Getting good sleep increases gains.

I eat protein.  A lot of it.  I get about 200 grams per day.  My trainer eats about 350g/day.

When I do cardio I do intervals.  What that means I go really hard for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and go really hard again.  I do this to avoid having my body go into a catabolic state.  Essentially, when you do cardio your body freaks out and is like, “Holy crap, I need energy to keep that up!  Better destroy some fat to harness that energy.”  This is a good thing.  However, if you do cardio for an extended period (like distance running) your body freaks out a little more and is like, “Fuck!  I need even more energy!  Hey!  Eating muscle away produces more energy than eating fat!  I’ll just gobble up some of that too!”  That’s a catabolic state.

Doing intervals makes my body eat fat while avoiding my hard-earned muscles.

I do a lot of little exercises: a couple sets of pull ups at night, push ups during the day, etc.  Just because I hate my body.  What has it ever done for me anyway?  Also because little stuff like that gives me more energy and keeps me gaining.

For those of you who think exercise sounds miserable, it is.  But!  After two weeks it gets a lot less miserable and you start to enjoy the feeling of getting stronger far more than you hate the misery of exercise.  🙂

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