Responsibility and mental illness milestones

A lot is running through my head right now.

This whole next week I’ll be a counselor at Camp Quest Ohio.  Michaelyn is convinced I’m good with kids, but taking responsibility for even one is quite a lot – perhaps more than I’m comfortable with.  Several is a task, and I’m just hoping I’m up for it.

Another thing really pressing on me is the fact that there will be a swimming pool, and the campers will likely want me to swim.  That means being in a crowd without a shirt on.  I honestly sweat a little bit just thinking about it.  I think I’ll be ok though.

Lastly, I’m approaching the one-year anniversary of my suicide attempt.  I’ve been perfectly stable for the past ten months with no sign of backsliding.  Still, it reminds me of how bad it can get if I don’t stay on top of it.  When I get to camp, I will hand my meds over to the camp doctor.  That will be a pretty powerful reminder.

Anyway, I have some posts scheduled for this next week.  Christina and Dr. Dave may also pop in to keep you guys company.

Michaelyn and I will be back in a week with pictures.  :)

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  • Anonymous

    You can always get one of those quick-dry shirts – I don’t even know what they are called – and wear that.

    • CT

      It’s called a Rash Guard. JT, if you’re going to be in the water a lot, a shirt is actually a pretty good idea since it’s summer and sunburn. My kids love to wear the rash guard since they burn so easy and they hate smelly sunscreen.

      • Besomyka

        Another quick-to-burn person here, and even with a high SPF sunscreen, I don’t think I’d ever want to spend much time outside w/o something on my shoulders and back. I always wear a tshirt over whatever else I have one, even (maybe even especially!) when scuba diving.

        • ischemgeek

          ^This! Fellow melanin-deficient one here. I don’t tan, I turn lobster red, blister, peel, and then am maybe half a shade darker than I was to begin with. Long sleeves, hats, and bottles of sweatproof SPF 50 sunscreen are my friends.

  • Sid

    That means we’ve been friends for almost a year now.

    I love you, man.

  • peicurmudgeon

    I just passed the 5 year anniversary of my own attempt. I have found that doing my best to ignore the date helps get me past it without dropping back into that mindset. It’s not a good place to go.

    You can get an acceptable wickable t shirt at WalMart for not much money.

  • Jaime

    I also heard you speak about your struggles at Skepticon. You’re very brave for sharing that part of your life, and I’d like to thank you for doing so. There are so many people out there with similar stories who feel alone; you’re openness shows them they’re not.