Rocking faces at Lake Hypatia with legend of atheism

I’m having a blast down here in Lake Hypatia.  Thanks to the magic of scheduled posts, I should be giving my talk right about now.

Here’s a pic.  From left to right it’s Darrel Ray, Al Stefanelli, myself, and Ed Buckner.  Ed has been building me up as a god of public speaking.  No pressure there.

Meeting Al has been a real blast.  He’s a very cool dude and an amazing speaker.  Seriously, if you’re running an event, bring this guy.

  • Al Stefanelli

    Due to the magic of the automobile, I am back home in the Atlanta area, only eight hours after you spoke! Dude, I love you, seriously. Your talk was fucking outstanding and you’ve taught this old dog a few new tricks. I really hope we get to hang out again. Stay well, my friend.

  • Marcus Ranum

    Did you have fog on your lens, or does this picture capture some paranormal phenomenon? Or, perhaps, the holy spirit?