Shit's about to get not real (Blogathon 38/49)

Yay!  The end of the world is coming next month!  Yup, July 24th it’s all over!

This Date was the Mystery in this Parable for ages past, and has been now unlocked. ‘The Mystery Unlocked’ brings the good news announcing the Day, 24th July 2012 of His Return (as revealed and documented in this book, to this servant of God),of the of the WEDDING INVITATION Date, when the faithful Bride of Christ only, will be ‘Raptured / Gathered up’ at Christ Coming, into the Banquet which God holds for His Son – Jesus.

Religious loons: giving atheists reasons to throw parties ever since, well, Jesus.

Y’know, god could’ve avoided all this confusion by simply saying in the bible, “Look, the second coming is going to be July 24th, 2012.  There are 365 days in the year and you need to add an extra one every 4 years because I fucked up and the earth’s orbit isn’t anywhere close to an even number.”  The fact that he didn’t do that, and hasn’t bothered to give any more clarification, suggests that he finds this as amusing as the atheists.

God: using humanity as a punching bag ever since, well, Jesus.

Ed Brayton has elected to use this to provide me the opportunity to make him swallow his words toward the end of the summer.

I should note that July 24th is the week before I destroy JT Eberhard in a charity poker tournament in Denver, so he should be on his knees praying that this happens as a reprieve.

Keep digging that hole, Brayton.  😉


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