Sir Rupert Bunnington III

So I and some friends tried the seven day trial of TERA.  Most gave it a 5-6/10.  I gave it lower.

The characters in TERA are extremely stylized.  Lots of obvious warrior/badass types.

The race second from the right is the Popori, a race of animal types.  It’s the least-played race in the game, which makes it pretty much a world full of serious-looking uber warriors.

Not for my brother.  No, no, Tim proudly made Sir Rupert Bunnington III, the Epic Archer.

I laughed my ass off.  :)

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  • michaeld

    I dunno that you can make rupert bunnington i think pushes the game towards awesome!!!

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    Wow, there’s some SERIOUS sexual dimorphism going on with that game. I mean even beyond the level that WoW has got. Eesh, that bothers me so much.

    Why does the demon-looking race have a 6-foot tall male and… what looks like a 4-foot tall female?

    Why does the male of that first race with the horns have such huge, ram-like things, but the female looks like her horns are almost sub-dermal?

    And of course we have “BIG MANLY MAN” versus “small and sexy woman”…

  •!/TabbyLavalamp Tabby Lavalamp

    I admit I have a lot of anti-furry prejudice I have to work through before I could play an anthropomorphized character.

    Now that said… What the hell is with the armour on the women??!? I’ve seen bad cases of Fantasy Women’s Armour before, but that is especially egregious. At least with chainmail bikinis you can make the (bad) argument that it allows speed of movement, but this armour looks very heavy and makes it appear that our shoulders are the parts of our bodies most in need of protection from weapons.

    • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

      Fantasy armor works in a literal double standard.

      With men, the more heavily armored you are, the more protected you are.

      With women, it’s the complete opposite. In fact, nudity is equal to invulnerability.

      (Yea, that bothers me too. I have yet to see a fantasy MMORPG with decent armor for women. Possibly Warhammer from the view of some of the concept art.)

      • fastlane

        The now mostly defunct Dark Age of Camelot had very gender nuetral armor. Until some of the later expansions (heavily influenced by the artwork in WoW), it was all quite historical, and not very fantasical at all.

        Then, Wow came along, and DAOC also went to shit.

  • adamshelton

    I tried TERA during open beta and didn’t really enjoy it. I played a Popori too! They’re pretty amusing, though the excited laugh they make after successfully harvesting is a bit strange/annoying.

    But yeah… TERA is a Korean game, which probably gives a *little* insight into the style used by the game. Considering the two characters on the far right of that first image are the male and female counterparts of the same race (basically), if you wanted to play some animal-ish female, you’re stuck playing some loli-type thing with animal ears. Rotund male animal character? Okay/cute! Heavier female character of any sort? No, have this sexy little girl with bunny ears instead!

    In fact, I believe the publisher who was doing localization to release the game here had to redo a bunch of the armor for that little girl race because it was basically just panty-shots all over the place. You can imagine the guy-nerd rage this caused on the forums. “Y U CENSOR ART???” Sigh…