SSA Annual Conference coming up!

This weekend will be your last chance to pre-register for the Secular Student Alliance’s Annual Leadership Conference.  It’s insanely cheap for what you get.  Your registration cost will cover some of your meals and get you access to the impressive lineup of presenters like Matt Dillahunty, Greta Christina, Jen McCreight, David Fitzgerald, Adam Lee, Hemant Mehta, Dave Silverman, and more.

July 1 will also be the last day to score super cheap housing in the OSU dorms.

This is looking to be the SSA’s most successful conference to date.  I’m excited.  :D

  • mcrotk

    Very sorry I won’t be able to make this (it’s exactly when I have to head back to Australia). I was especially excited to see that there’s a special track this year for faculty/advisors. I hope that track ends up being popular enough and successful enough for you to have one again next year.