SSA Week update

First and foremost: half the people donating to SSA Week to have me sing a song must really hate me.  Even my friends are getting in on this!

Ashley:  So can we choose any song?  No going back?

Me:  Can it be one I know?

Ashley:  Oh, you know it.  There’s no way anyone doesn’t know it.

Me:  You’re going to ask me to sing, “It’s Raining Men,” aren’t you?

Ashley:  Nope.

Me:  Ok.  :)

Well, her donation came in this morning and “Ok” was the wrong answer on my part.  But now I’m bound.  I actually didn’t know the song, but I’m gonna learn it.  :)

So what else is going on?

Ian Cromwell is auctioning off his musical skills.  He even threw down the gauntlet with me, but I yawned it off.  Perhaps if we raise enough, I’ll indulge him.  😉

Greta posted about how you can get your very own adorable Cthulu in a blind auction!  PZ Myers, like the French Taunter, says he’s already got one.  I call bullshit.  He’s just trying to keep the bids low.

Brianne Bilyeu’s twitter fundraiser went well!  What will she do next?  Daniel Fincke remembers his deconversion and wishes the SSA had been there for it.

Sarah Hamilton has been hoofing it and has added even more art to her store just for SSA Week!  All proceeds go to the SSA.

Kelley Freeman continues to auction off masterpieces.  Both her FSM and her invisible dragon are doing well, and there will be a new creation out today!  :)

As of right now we’ve raised $54,257 ($50,000 was from a single donor).  This is going so well!  We have 84 total donors so far.  Surely there must be more out there who have $5-$10 and support the SSA!  Maybe all of you are just holding off to pledge to blogathon (like Christina’s or mine and Michaelyn’s).

If you support the SSA, please donate what you can.  Let’s keep the momentum rolling!

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