SSA Week update

Hard to gripe too much about raising over half your goal in a single day.  As of right now SSA Week has raised $52,177!  You know how I can tell?

"Smell my finger"


So anytime you’re wondering how well SSA Week is doing you can check over there.  However!  You’ll still want to keep your eye on the SSA Week hub for info on what other people are doing as well as for the evolving Blogathon schedule.

That sweet sidebar tells me that we’ve had 41 donors.  Awesome!  But surely there are more people who have $5 to give.  You don’t have to donate big – every little bit helps.  Don’t think it’s not worth your time to donate $5.  It is.  It will change things for secular student activists in the fall.  If you have some bucks laying around, or if you are willing to pass on coffee one day, or if you’re willing to dig through your couch, or if you just think this cause is important, donate to SSA Week!

Ok, Kelley’s FSM on ebay is up to $55.  I’ll post later with today’s entry from her.  People are also buying sweet art from Ologies, the proceeds from which go to the SSA.  w00t!

Lots of other bloggers are getting in on the action!  Greta Christina and Richard Carrier both have great posts up.  To quote Greta:

And remember: Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss have a $250,000 matching offer in place for the SSA, so any contribution you make will automatically be doubled. If you have $50,000 give that. If you have $50, give that. If you have $5, give that. If you don’t have any money, but you’re on Facebook or Twitter, help spread the word. (Twitter hashtag: #SSAWeek .) The goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of SSA Week. Do it for the kittens!

Speaking of spreading the word, there’s also new images for facebook and for Blogathon.  Check ’em out here!

There have also been some new boxes added to the bottom of the contribution page.

Hell yes they are, Mitt!  When you donate, you can make a request to a particular blogger that during Blogathon they cover a topic of your choice.  The bigger the donation, the more pliable we bloggers get.  😉

This is off to such a great start!  Let’s keep it rolling!

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