Talk atheisty to me…

A friend of mine has been visiting her deeply conservative family in Florida for the last week.  She texted me the other night to make sure I was still picking her up from the airport.

My responses come from the fact that I spent all of yesterday answering texts with my magic 8-ball.

Friend:  You’re still picking me up tomorrow night right?

Me:  Signs Point to Yes

Friend:  Ok cool.  When I get in the car, I need you to tell me how you voted for Obama and how god doesn’t exist.  And don’t stop til I cum.

Me:  It is Decidedly So

I love my friends.

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    Visiting relatives, too, mine in the Appalachians. While they are fundamentalists, fortunately for me, they aren’t so politically conservative. They’re fairly conservative socially, but are part the group around here who historically think Republicans are for the rich, though I’m sure they wouldn’t know the term “trickle-down economics. And they think separation between church and state is good so that churches stay pure. So I’m pretty luck as to their politics, but in their houses, I’m inundated with religion, if not in talk, then all over the walls, on the tables, on the floors. I’ll be happy when I can look a direction without seeing a prayer, an angel, a depiction of Jesus, etc. It’s everywhere!