TERA sucks

The new MMORP, TERA, recently announced that you could play it free for seven days.  So I downloaded it.  At 25 gigs it took about ten hours.

Holy crap is it terrible.  I played it for maybe an hour before uninstalling it.

First, the good.  It’s a very pretty game.  The graphics are seriously excellent.

Now, the bad.  Everybody says the game’s combat is revolutionary and really helps carry the game.  I disagree.  I think the combat is lame.  Take every other MMO’s combat and add a crosshair so now you have to focus on aiming along with managing a gajillion skills and you have TERA’s combat.  What’s worse, you still have a mana bar for managing power to make sure you don’t just sit there and spam your most powerful abilities.  Games like this need to take a page out of the book of Guild Wars 2 and make skills situational, rather than just varying levels of powerful.

The pace is also slow.  Painfully slow.  It’s the same ol’ MMO problem of walking around way too long with nothing happening.  The pretty landscapes are enough to hold you over for a bit, but eventually you just get sick of it.

Perhaps the crafting, grouping, etc., is enough to overcome the game’s unfathomable lameness during the first hour (though reviews elsewhere also say those things suck), but I just couldn’t bring myself to play it that long.

And by the way, don’t run a google image search for “TERA sucks” unless you’re looking for porn.

  • Timid Atheist

    I did the beta for TERA at the behest of a friend. I managed all of four hours before I started screen capping everything and ranting in word documents about how sexist and racist the characters are.

    The game play wasn’t too bad, it was different, which is why I played it, so see if I’d like it. Not really a fan of not being able to use my mouse to navigate in a game. I never used ASDW movement while playing WoW, so it was a learning curve for me in TERA.

    The game is gorgeous. And that’s about it. I’m so glad I didn’t pay money for it. It’s not worth it.

    I’m looking forward to Guild Wars 2 a great deal more.

    • Daniel Schealler

      The sexism thing is what turned me off. It was just too damn blatant.

      I haven’t had any major issues with the GW2 Beta Weekends in that regard. I could be missing something, of course. But my female human thief’s leather armor actually looked like it could actually offer protection. And she wasn’t running around the mists in high heels either.

  • Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach

    Well that’s disappointing. I was hoping to give that one a try soon. I guess I’ll cross TERA off my list. Now what do I do? The Guild Wars 2 beta last weekend was so good I’m desperate to play more, but they aren’t saying when I’ll get another chance.

    There is one ray of hope. The Secret World beta opens in just over an hour. My brand new gaming laptop is waiting at home. Stupid work, keeping me from playing.

  • plutosdad

    Sounds like Age of Conan all over again.

    I guess we are all just waiting for GW2. Well I might wait a few weeks or months until they get the servers set right. I’m hoping they get hot swappable virtual servers. Wizard 101 did a great job on how they set up the servers, and it’s certainly scalable. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it the same way.

  • Carina

    Thanks for the heads up JT! I’ll give TERA a skip.

    Pre-purchased GW2 and honestly enjoyed the beta events thus far.
    @ Dave – they are planning a beta event at least once a month until release (I personally wish it was more often but I suppose we have to give them time to code some more awesomeness!!)

    • Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach

      Hey Carina, last I looked they weren’t committing to more than one every 6 weeks. That was the length of time between beta weekends 1 and 2. Where did you see at least one a month?

      • Carina

        I have checked everywhere but were not able to locate the place where I read this…sorry mate. If I find it I will link it.

    • Daniel Schealler

      I also loved the hell out of the most recent GW2 beta weekend. PvE was actually fun, which was a breath of fresh air.

      But WvW was crazy fun. Loved it to pieces.


      Had any thoughts about a GW2 guild at some point in the future?

      I’d be keen to pick my server so as to align with people from FtB.

      Anyone else keen?

  • Loqi

    The first thing I do whenever I finish reading a blog post is Google image the title. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Mutsumi

    Just to avoid a pure bashing thread, I’d should probably pipe in and say I really liked the game. The combat was fun and i could really challenge myself with it, while soloing the BAMs. (Even did three BAMs at the same time once just for shits&giggles, which was actually easier than I thought) Doing group content solo, just based on pure concentration and skill. Not something you can do in many games. That said, none of the classes really appealed to me. They all had at least one very annoing thing about them. And even with the combat mechanics, it did get bland pretty fast.

    Have to say though, that the game was visually the best looking game I’ve ever seen. And I’m not saying that in the “everything was so realistic” sense, but in the “everything is so beatiful and sexy” sense. Yes I’m a perv playing a castanic female with a plate bikini, but I’m a proud pervert. And even if you dislike the exposure, you have to admit that the costumes were really beautiful.

    Anyway, not the best game I’ve played, but deffinately worth sinking a few hundred hours into.

  • Kestryn

    Sorry but I disagree, and the reality is you can’t judge an MMO by 4 hours of gameplay. How would vanilla WoW have fared if you judged it only by 4 hours in the starter zone? Or the first 4 hours of any other MMO?

    I’ve been playing TERA for about 2 weeks now and there’s much more that’s different than just the combat, but the combat is what really sold me on it. I’m sick of games where I just lock on a skill and stand there mashing keys until the target is dead. In TERA you have to move or die (unless you’re a lancer with block). When the last time you fought a bam (big ass monster) in the world and had it charge you, leap on you, unleash intense multi-hit attacks that deal massive damage unless you used skill to avoid them?

    I’m playing a priest (healer) and lancer (tank) and loving both. Healing takes skill as you need to place the heals properly, not just click a name in a list of players and press a button without every paying attention to where they actually are.

    The lancer is a blast to play. I love having a bam charge me and shove me across the landscape while my shield is blocking the damage, or blocking massive hits from a 5 hit attack.

    The point is the combat is active. Not just target, push push push buttons, loot, target, push push push buttons, loot…

    When I first heard about the game I wasn’t interested. I tried it recently since Amazon had it on sale and now I’m hooked. I’m in the GW2 betas and while that game is improved over standard MMOs, the combat just feels so basic compared to TERA.

    There’s much more that’s different and compelling about TERA as well, from it’s political system that elects leaders to districts ever 3 weeks to it’s loot system, resource gathering, gear modifications, and much more.

    Four hours of play? You might as well never have loaded it, you didn’t see much more than the surface layer. Hell, my reply is more informative than your entire post about the game.

  • http://carriagewit.blogspot.com Draco Malfoi

    JT, the fact that you say the abilities aren’t situational shows that you really didn’t get into the combat at all.

    I played a priest, and my abilities were a medley of aoe heals, target heals, long range spells, close blasts, close bursts, combo finishers, dodges and escapes for a variety of ranges. They only worked in specific SITUATIONS. If I tried to use a spell at the wrong time, it was wasted. Even my mana was situational, as I’d have to find the right time to regen it with a skill during a fight, usually coordinating with the lancer so he knows to go full defensive with his tactics while I tap out to replenish.

    Tera definitely has weak points, and a lot of it plays like a prettier version of vanilla WoW, but you really can’t fault the combat. After running the first dungeon with a group, it made a believer out of me. It was genuinely fun, and ALMOST made the grinding ‘kill x and fetch y’ quests worth it.

    • Mutsumi

      That really is the only big problem in the game in my opinion actually. The boring quests. If they had half as good a quest system as some of the newer titles, then it’d be an awesome game. Now of course I have my pet peeves like I mentioned earier, but others might not dislike the same things I did at all.