The Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally

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Yesterday I attended the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally.

First of all – who has a rally at noon on a Friday? Most people work at that time, guys!

Anyway, the rally was mostly to stand in opposition to the HHS mandate – you know, the one that mandates insurance companies provide FDA approved contraceptive care to women without a copay.

There were about 500 people there (by the official count)

It looked like this:


There were some speakers, including Kathleen M. Berchelmann, M.D., who started Catholic Pediatrics. She told her audience that parents no longer have the right to choose their child’s healthcare provider, and that because she does not prescribe Plan B, she fears one day she will be “forced” to do so or “forced” to refer her young patients to someone who does prescribe Plan B.

Todd Aikin gave a speech in which he told the audience that he wanted to tell them a story of another country in which the government had taken over healthcare, I have uploaded part of his speech!

Not Sweden or Canada… Germany.

He told his audience that Nazi Germany took over healthcare, and when expenses got to be too great, Germany started to “cut useless expenses from the budget” like, “keeping alive retarded, insane, epileptic and the chronically ill… they were sent to the gas chambers… it was called ‘life unworthy of life'”

He went on: “Then the Government got rid of the elderly in institutions. They had no welfare, nobody visited them, and they were a burdon on the state”. he talked about how the German government killed beggers and poor people, because “why should you have to pay taxes to keep this criminal alive?…Then they decided to get rid of the… people that were going around giving speeches against the government takeover… finally based on evolution… they wanted to eliminate the inferior races from the human gene pool…How could an advanced country as Germany do something horrible like a holocaust? Well let’s see. It started with the government taking over healthcare and then the economy cratered, and they had to cut expenses.”

He also talks about the evil “ATHEISTIC GOVERNMENTS” killing people.

For the most part I was unable to get entire speeches, as my camera kept overheating and shutting down – such is the price to pay when you use a DSLR to take video.

I think it’s absolutely crazy how Todd Aikin, a man who opposed expanding Medicare and opposed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, voted no on expanding stem cell research, voted on modifying bankruptcy rules to avoid mortgage foreclosures, voted no on adding 2 to 4 million children to SCHIP eligibility. etc… gives a speech about how evil and uncaring Germany was for eliminating people on welfare, and insinuates that the USA could be headed in this direction.

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