They have a very finicky definition of "love"

Remember the video that came out where a child was singing lyrics disparaging LGBT people to raucous applause from the congregation?  You know, the one where

Church members can be seen applauding and cheering the toddler as he sings the anti-gay verse — “I know the Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong- Romans 1 and 27, ain’t no homo going to make it to heaven” — with one person shouting, “That’s my boy!”

Well, the church is getting some much-deserved grief over it, which prompted them to say…

The Pastor and members of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle do not condone, teach, or practice hate of any person for any reason.

Tough choice: believe this or believe my own eyes that watched the video.

If Jesus is going to demand his followers lie, he should’ve at least had the foresight to have made them better at it.

About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • Jaime

    The Cognitive Dissonance that must result from that boggles me.

    • Monster

      It is a bad song. It conflicts with their beliefs. I am Christian, the religion teaches that all people have sin, if they believe homosexuality is a sin (I dont know if it is.) then a homosexual person will go to heaven as Long as they believe Jesus died for thier “sins”. There are many Christian homosexuals and as the religion states, hey will be in heaven.

      Only requirement for heaven is faith that Jesus died for your sins, and thing kind you do other than that is just gravy. Even the mean people singing that will go to heaven if they believe, I just hope they wise up before that die, because imagine it will be embarrassing once they have gained greater understanding..

      This song is unloving and incorrect if you believe the Christian teachings.

      • Zinc Avenger

        Don’t tell us, tell them. They’re dragging your religion’s name through the mud.

        If a group of haters, liars, and thugs take over a religion such as US xianity, who should stop them. The atheists? The Pagans? The Easter Bunny?
        - raven, an FTB commenter.

        • Monster

          I will tell both of you how I feel. I tend to try to express my feelings to who ever I encounter. Especially when it’s something so sad.

          You are right, they drag my religions name through the mud and I don’t like that at all.

          I very much want to express my opinion here though.

          I do not point out every bully from another religion though. If it were to be pointed out, I feel it should be mentioned that not all Christians support this idea. It makes for less bias journalism.

          I have always had trouble with people making blanket statements about people… The core of my being wants people to always say things like “many people act this way” or “some people think this way” , but often I hear things like “all of these people act this way” and ” they all think this way”.

          Im trying to express my opinion… I’m really hoping its coming through clearly enough.

  • hexidecima

    “If Jesus is going to demand his followers lie, he should’ve at least had the foresight to have made them better at it.”

    Indeed. The propensity of lying by so many Christians, especially conservatives ones makes me think that they never actually read their bible at all. The hatred of this god for lies and liars is perhaps the sole subject that it never contradicts itself on (please correct me if I’m wrong). Romans 3 goes out of its way to say that even lies told *for* the benefit of this god are bad.

    I am left to think that either they are ignorant and have no idea what the bible actually says, or they do know about it and don’t care, having made up their own religion (as I do know they have).

    • Richard

      Except where “god” lies…
      Matter of debate regarding the “made up their own religion” bit.

      • Monster

        Well, the first example is about a spirit lying, not God. It says God cannot lie, but it doesn’t say something else can’t or won’t lie for God.

        I do not see a contradiction. I don’t mind if you point it out as sounding unfair or that it is disliked that God would have something else lie, but the information is skewed.

        A preference would be for kindness to be shown to all and not to try to mock people.

    • Monster

      I think it is true that many people of all schools of thought lie.

      I don’t know much about the actual church the child attended, but is it possible that the church leader did not agree with what the child sang? Maybe that is why they said what they said?

      Like I said, I don’t have details on that and this article didn’t provide any.

      Also, Christians are people, people lie, it would be fabulous if they would listen more carefully to their holy texts message on lying. But they are not magical creatures, they are humans and many humans of all schools of thought lie.

  • Zengaze

    TRIGGER WARNING….. Talk of damnation and eternal torture

    You know what’s worse, is that I think they actually do believe that, a strange variant of “we hate sin, not the sinner” in fact it could be twisted that the song was actually sung in love, to make those poor queers realise how much god loves them. It’s those queers who are rejecting gods love remember! And the song was to highlight that rejection of love.

    Just to be absolutely crystal here, I am not making that argument, I think it’s a shit argument.

    • Monster

      I do not believe it exemplifies love.

      Also, it’s incorrect because you can be homosexual and have faith in Jesus sacrific and you will be in heaven.
      the religion only asks for belief in sacrifice for your sins.

      There are jerks and bullies of all schools of thought and belief. This is just one of them. I think we should all do our best to be kind to all people’s and not be like the people who endorse the sng.

      I want more kindness.

      • Richard

        I want more rationality.

        • Monster

          This is a wonderful thing. I also want more rationality.

          Although just as love can be twisted, so can rationality. I feel we must always be on gaurd. I would love a truely loving rationality. To me, it seems the best way to cultivate rational minds is via a loving attitude, we are not being rational when we mock.

          To me, it seems unrational to say that all people if one group are the same nor that a sub-set of a group accurately represents a majority.

          Please understand, I am not saying you think this way, I am expressing my thoughts on a larger topic.

          Do you think this way?

      • Zengaze

        Yeah, you need to read you bible a lot more, or make a start. Leviticus is a good place to start, when wanting to know what the yaweh character demands of his worshippers.

        Oh? You don’t apply Leviticus to Your version of the great big eye in the sky, that’s just dandy for you then isn’t it, what religion are you again?

        • Monster

          I have studies many parts of the bible deeply. some better than others. It is a very complex text and I’m always learning more about the meaning of the words in context to the culture of the time it was written.

          You hurt my feelings with what felt like a mocking tone. It makes it hard for me to see your point. I’m trying very hard to take you seriously anyways and to not take offense. I am only human though, I think we all get upset some of the time.

          Leviticus calls for many standards of practice for that specific group of people at that specific time. To my knowledge it does not ask all people of all time to do this, just that specific group. What point are you trying to make with Leviticus?

          Why did you assume I had not read that?

          Why did you chose what sounded like a mocking tone to address me?

          • John Phillips, FCD

            But even your Jesus says that not one jot of the law is changed by his coming and will only be changed after certain conditions have been met. None of which have been met yet, and no, the crucifiction doesn’t count. You need to read your wholly babble better.

  • John Horstman

    The pedantic contrarian in me feels the need to point out, with respect to this story that’s been getting so much buzz, that it’s true that “ain’t no homo going to make it to heaven”. Nor anyone else. Heaven is imaginary. The despicable part is the teaching people that there is a heaven in the first place and that they must be concerned with entry into it. Also the use of “homo” is offensive, as it is pretty much always a slur when used as a stand-alone word to refer to gay people (not in cases where it’s ironically deployed by gay people to mock homophobes, nor as a prefix).

    • Monster

      I think if someone is scared of you, it’s a bad idea to mock them… Doest that just make the situation worse?

      I want to see people more understanding of each other. :-) don’t give gay people a bad name by being a jerk.

      I think helping people feel comfortable is best and most progressive.

      Hate brings hate and more hate…

      They may not love you if you love them, but at least you bring more love to the world instead of more hate.

      The song is not kind nor loving, so it is bad in my book. I want kindness.

  • Kaoru Negisa

    Just got a chance to read this. I’ve been working for the past hour on a post about why I take stuff like this personally. I feel sorry for the kid, but I’m no longer willing to buy arguments for the ignorance of the adults in congregations that support this sort of thing. I’m not willing to wave off their bile as meaningless, nor pretend that they’re misinformed victims rather than monsters. After a month of escalating calls for hatred and violence against me and people like me, I think this kid may have broken my last give-a-damn.

    • Monster

      It is a mean song. I am a Christian and I love you. That song was not loving. If it was my church and I was there I would probably start crying and tell them to please stop and that it is not a loving song.

      I want more kindness and love in the world

  • Monster

    I am Christian and I do not endorse that song.

    I’d like to convert you to kindness.

    I wish people would not point out when a small portion of a large group does something and stereo type it to the rest of the group.

    I have plenty of atheist and agnostic friends who don’t do this and instead of making fun of people, they just get on with their lives.

    I’ve also been in situations were Christians are making fun of other branches of Christianity and I reallly don’t like it. While others have not said mean things and just gotten on with their lives.

    I would love to see everyone try to nbe much more respectful and tolerant of people.
    I will start with me, doing the best I can to be kind. I fail sometimes, but I’m trying.

    My best advice for being an atheist is to be respectful of others wishes and encourage people towards kindness, rather than point out their flaws or mocking their beliefs.

    When friends of a different reiligion say that will pray for me, I just say thank you, because I know from their point of view it’s a nice thought. I don’t need to rub it in their face that I think they are wrong. There’s no point. I figure if they want to seriously talk religion and beliefs they will ask.

    I would love to see atheist blogs ignoring religion and focusing on mental health tools and how to remain confident in the face of adversity. On how to lovingly interact with people who disagree with your opinion. Be the loudest voice for peace and love.

    Btw, I got here because of your hyperbole and a half post, then found depressing articles on why you guys seem to dislike religions.. I really hope she writes again.

    Best wishes

    • Peter

      It will be easier to ignore religion when it’s not in my face all the time, and supported by tax exemption.

      • Monster

        I am sorry that you feel it is in your face all the time. That is sad. I think any charitable organization should be tax exempt. Every different church I have encountered so far offer free services and aid to people (sometimes to non members) and they operate off of donations.

        Can you think of a compromise that would allow tax exemption for churches as well as help non church organizations? Would that be good enough?

        I’m tired of everyone’s teasing of everyone’s life styles. I want people to respect people’s right to choose.

        • Steve

          If you have to qualify that they “sometimes” offer services to non-members, then they’re not a charity. They’re just private clubs. Also, in the rare case that they do offer general charity, it’s frequently with the ulterior motive to have a captive and desperate audience to preach at.

          If a church wants to to do charity, they can create some kind of foundation, which can then be tax exempt. Likewise a church can be tax exempt if it proves that it’s truly non-profit. What needs to stop is that non-profit status is just generally assumed and automatically granted.

          • Monster

            I like this idea of forming charities. Maybe it will please people. I am not someone who is knowledgable in this area, but if you or someone you know is, I hope this can be considered and if it works well, implemented. In the mean time, I will mention this thought to friends to see if it will move towards places of influence.

    • Tigger_the_Wing

      Why do these threads always go like this?

      Some Christians do something horrible, and seek to justify it as being a tenet of Christianity.

      Some non-Christians point out how horrible they are being.

      Some other Christians come along to say not all Christians are horrible, so why are the non-Christians being so mean about Christianity? And proceed to tell the non-Christians how to behave so that Christians won’t be upset.

      Stop it, Christians. Stop it right now.

      Did you miss the part right at the very beginning, where it was Christians that started this by being horrible? And that it was Christians who used Christianity as the reason?

      If you want non-Christians to stop berating Christians for their behaviour, then try having a go at the Christians who start the whole mess, instead of the non-Christians who are simply pointing out the bad behaviour! Otherwise, how is humanity going to stop bad behaviour? If Christians won’t call out bad behaviour in other Christians, and won’t allow non-Christians to call it out, then the result isn’t ‘love and kindness’ but bigotry and fear.


      I would love to see atheist blogs ignoring religion and focusing on mental health tools and how to remain confident in the face of adversity. On how to lovingly interact with people who disagree with your opinion. Be the loudest voice for peace and love.

      Of course you would. I would think that all bullies would like their victims to stop calling out the bullying and go huddle in a corner.

      Well, the time for the world to go hide in a corner and let the religions carry on bullying is over. The victims aren’t prepared to be victimised any longer. We’re standing up for ourselves and you don’t like it. Tough.

      When someone is being bullied, the loving thing to do isn’t to tell the victim to run to a psychiatrist to learn the tools to cope; it’s to stand up to the bullies and make them stop. Understand? Stop telling the victims of Christian bullies to cope and start telling the Christian bullies to leave other people alone. Otherwise you are siding with the bullies. You become one of them and will be responded to accordingly.

      • Monster

        I feel sad when people make an assumption directly about me.

        Are you saying you want people to stand up to my bulling stance on tolerance?

        I have been the victim of religious bullies. Some people are just crazy mean, but some people can except tolerance and we can love together peacefully.

        You imply that I am a bully. I find that an unfair assumption.

        I encourage all my friends Christian and non-Christian to act in a loving and tolerant manner.

        Learning to cope with bullies is a good thing. You can learn to deflect their anger and possibly have positive communications that can encourage change.

        Also, I don’t mind people reporting on when other people do something mean, rather I disagree with the spirit of some articles. I think a true concern for humanity would be best. Something like how tragic it was. Also a non bias opinion, stating that not all of that group are that way.

        It’s a tricky business, but I think edging towards a more loving approach is best.

        Also, not standing up for every victim in the world that I am aware of does not make me a bully. I do my best with what I can do. I have stood up for many people over the years. I am not perfect and did not stand up every time, but I don’t believe for even a moment that you have always stood up for all victims you meet.

        I am really hurt by the assumptions you have up made. Do you have any questions for me?

        No, I didn’t miss that Christians did the horrible thing. Did you not read my response? It is an incorrect usage of Christianity.

        Also I am addressing slightly more than the blog.

        Also, there is nothing wrong with Christians pointing out that some of us don’t like what the others are doing. If I read an article about an atheist being a jerk and I read a comment by an atheist who said they didn’t think that way, I would feel comforted knowing that person of a different school of thought respected mine.

        Love to you!

        • Tigger_the_Wing

          Is English your first language? I ask, because I realise that the way I phrased my previous response might not be as clear to someone with English as a second or third language.

          In other words, I wasn’t accusing you of being a bully, I was warning about the the consequences of the course you appeared to be on. If you continue to complain the way you were complaining you appear to be siding with the bullies. Don’t. People who side with bullies are seen to be bullies.

          Now, to the rest of your response.

          No, I didn’t miss that Christians did the horrible thing. Did you not read my response? It is an incorrect usage of Christianity.

          “No True Scotsman” fallacy.

          For every Christian who claims that Christianity means one thing, you can find at least a hundred who disagree. As a former Roman Catholic myself, I can attest to the fact that every member of every Christian sect believes that every member of every other Christian sect isn’t a ‘true’ Christian. To non-Christians, they are all equally mistaken but anything they choose to do in the name of Christianity has to be accepted as ‘Christian’.

          Remember this?

          I wish people would not point out when a small portion of a large group does something and stereo type it to the rest of the group.

          I have plenty of atheist and agnostic friends who don’t do this and instead of making fun of people, they just get on with their lives.

          I’ve also been in situations were Christians are making fun of other branches of Christianity and I reallly don’t like it. While others have not said mean things and just gotten on with their lives.

          When you post things that imply that calling out other Christians’ behaviour is ‘mean’, and that other Christians’ behaviour should be ignored in response to a post calling out bad behaviour by Christians is it a wonder that I said “stop it”?

          I repeat: don’t tell people to live and let live when they aren’t the perpetrators of hate messages. I wasn’t telling you to stand up for every victim of bullying, just not to make excuses for the bullies and certainly not to tell other people not to stand up for the victims.

          If you don’t want people to blame Christianity for the behaviour of Christians, then tell the Christians not to use Christianity as an excuse for their behaviour.

          • Monster

            I politely decline to discuss my linguistic origins.

            What excuse did I make up for the bully?

            When did I say that people should not stand up to bullies?

            It is the truth that not all Christians are the same (just as any other group). I wish people would day “some” of the Christians or who ever they address.

            Also, please take notice, I never say that this article exemplifies the problem of bias reporting nor mockery, I am addressing a larger some what common issue.

            Let me tell you my deep regret…
            I was at a church study group for college age people one night when someone made a joking comment about someone elses beliefs,some people laughed, others didnt. I sat there mortified at the idea of people saying such a thing. I was younger then and didn’t have good tool to cope with the situation. So I lowered my head and cried. I am a very sensitive person and it pains me to hear people mock others. My thoughts at he time were ” i don’t want to be around these people. They say such mean things. The group laughs. This turns me off from Christianity. Can I find no peace?” I kept my head down and left and never went back. I regret that deeply. That study group doesn’t even meet any more. I wish I had gone back and lovingly explained to the person who mocked that it hurt my feelings and it could possibly make someone of that faith who is visiting feel very unwelcome and sad. It would be done in private, so that there is less chance of them becoming overly defensive in front of thier group. I would then have asked the church leader to give a small talk on being respectful.

            I don’t attend church buildings, but I think I will again because of thinking of my regret and wishing to rectify the issue. Maybe I would get a chance to speak up again. It would be wonderful.i want very much to spread a message of love to everyone. I don’t attend churches because I’ve never been a greatly social person and my high sensitivity makes a busy, loud church a bit overwhelming. So, I study on my own and listen to the opinions of others on Christianity on the Internet and radio, some I agree with, some I do not.

            As a Christian, I would love it if all people came to know Christ (assuming I am right and it is the true path), but I do not feel skilled in convincing people. I do however feel a deep needed to express my thoughts on how important it is to cultivate gentleness and love. That way we can disagree with people with out injury. I’ve suffering many injuries as a youth, I want to protect everyone from these social trends. I am only one person. And sometimes I fail.

            It is my wish that people, be loving, please try to show respect and seriousness. comedy is find, but mockery is cruel.

            Not necessarily looking to have this next part specifically answered, just presenting them as thoughts…

            Why do people like to lump people together and say mean things?
            Why do people think mocking will change the world for the better?
            Why do some people seem to think that mocking a non-minority is okay?

            What do you believe is the best corse of action? To mock? To poke fun at? To address seriously? To stereotype a group? What tone do you think best accomplishes creating peace and love between others? What tone do you think drives people not like you away?

            My recent new coping skills are very useful to me. I have been using them more and more. I used to just cry of sound angry/upset when people did something cruel, now I try my best to explain my hurt and express my wish for a peaceful planet. I don’t always succeed, but every time I do, it’s a small victory for me.

            I think it’s important not to make people into villains, it creates defensiveness. It’s a tricky business. I’m not sure what I would say to the parents of the singing child if I had a chance. Probably I would tell them that I am too sensitive to hear that sort of thing. I would point out as gently as I could that Christ calls for people to love and this song does not feel very loving.

            I feel that the problem is a general social flaw. The culture of the united state seems very okay with mockery (blonde jokes, racist jokes, that sort of thing for example), while there are others in the US who will not participate in such cruel activities. What can we do to change this? Wouldn’t a more peaceful and loving environment be best?It might be scary for some o think of not telling these jokes (oh they think, they are only jokes, what’s the harm), but if the think deeply about it, I hope they find what I think to be true, that a greater respect and tolorence will be achieved.

            Best wishes,

          • Monster

            No true Scotsman.
            well what is a true Scotsman? What are the basic characteristics? Is a sub division needed to clarify what a Scotsman is?

            Would a pacifist participating in a brawl still be called a pacifist?

            As far as I understand it, the Christians holy book is supposed to help define the religion. The parts of it that are pertaining to Christ are supposed to be an extra exemplification of Christianity. Christianity needs to have some basic characteristics that separate it from other things. All things can’t be Christian or the word loses meaning.

            I feel sad for those who claim to be following Christianity, yet miss the parts about the extreme importance or love and that Jesus called all of us sinners and that he died for everyone. It seems to be the most basic message of the text. It seems that only God can be vengeful, judging and rightly angry, but we are asked by Jesus to love, because we do not have perfect knowledge of God with which to judge.

            What do you think the most important things in Christianity are that exemplify the word?

  • John Phillips, FCD

    Monster, yet you also are ignoring bits,like rhe nastier side of Jesus telling families, to crudely paraphrase, to split so as to follow him and to take up the sword. The only difference between you and those who choose to concentrate on the nastier bits is that you pick different bits of the wholly babble to base your faith on and it probably means that you are a nicer person to get along with if someone is not part of your in-crowd. However, you are both cafeteria xians, in that you pick and choose which bits of the babble are relevant to each. And of course, the elephant in the room, you both claim to be xian and yet neither of you have any evidence for your god.

    • Monster

      I’m really too sensitive for the tone you use, would you mind communicating in a softer tone?

      Jesus and the sword.
      Well, as I understand things, Jesus didn’t say to murder people with that sword, so what’s wrong with having a sword? He also told them they needed clothes and money. Some scholars think it was more accurate to say a knife, used for everyday living practices. I do not know who is correct. Later Jesus said who ever takes up the sword, will die by the sword, maybe he was trying to warn people not to use the sword unless to protect yourself.

      Jesus asking people to split from their families.
      What’s wrong with that? As I understand it, he said that those who would leave everything behind for him would be rewarded in heaven. If you can entertain the idea that Jesus has the best plan and your family won’t except that, wouldn’t a great deal of good be done by leaving your family and living as Jesus asked you to? You would focus all your efforts on helping the sick, poor, hungry, all the most unfortunate lives. People who can do that sort of thing are amazing to me. I don’t have that kind of strength. I am happy to think that people who would sacrifice so much pleasure in this life, would be rewarded for it in the next. I bet they are the kind of people not even focused on the reward too. I wonder how the split works? I wonder if you can simply split from you families religion and still minister to them. After all, they are in need of the word of Jesus if you need to split from them. I don’t remember Jesus saying to abandon them to die. Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love, so if you must split from your family, then you must also love your family.

      What in-crowd? I try my best not to discriminate and I don’t have many Christian friends. My crowd is made up of people who I like to spend time with. What imaginary things have you created for how I live my life? Friends who are not Christian, I pray that God will save them some how. I feel sad that they are not Christians also, but I think God will find a way to get everyone he wants with him. So, I try not to worry too much and simply express my concern and deep wish for my friends to be able to be with me in heaven some day. I ask this of my enemies and I pray for everyone in the world too. But I am bias and often ask for certain people by name. I don’t know, maybe hats not very good, but I dearly love my friends. I ask for my enemies by oname because in argument, I’ve grown closer to them than a stranger and can see thier pain and struggles. Btw, I don’t count you as an enemy. It takes a lot for me to think of someone as an enemy and I actually treat them rather well.

      I have some s all bits of evidence for God in my life. It’s not an elephant in my room. That saying means that you ignor the subject. I don’t ignor this subject. The bible is very accurate, that is evedience number one. Often someone thinks there is something wrong, then someone finds out later that it’s true. When I was an atheist, I spent a long time looking for inaccuracies in the bible. I couldn’t find any that we’re truely credable. Sure, I found ones that I could present as false due to my lack of deeper knowledge of the subject and I could easily take sentences out of context, but that’s not good enough. There are people who do not understand that just because something is said in the bible, doesn’t mean you are supposed to do it. Some people in the bible do bad things or reject God or are told as an individual to either eat meat or eat only vegetables. There are specific things, asked of specific people, not all people of all time. I do my best to help people understand the bible. Many people do not actually read it and take it out of context.

      The basis for Chrisitanity is this:
      36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

      37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

      This is what Christians are to do. In all honesty, how can you say so done is behaving like a Christian if they are not doing this. They might be a Christian behaving badly, but that behavior is not exlemplifying Christianity. This is how I can say with some authority, that the people who sing and cheer on that song are not exhibiting Christian behavior.

      Now, again, I can’t understand what the children are saying, their accent makes it difficult for me. I really hope they are not saying what people day they are. I wish I could speak with them and their parents and ask if this song is really exlemplifying the Christian commandment of love.

      Christians do bad things.
      Atheists do bad things.
      Buddhists do bad things.

      Should we stop them? Of course.
      How should we stop them? With love, patients and kindq communication .

      It is said that people that are mean do not understand just how mean they are. They think it is the norm and they think sometimes that they are somehow justified in mocking people and being rude.

      If I were still an atheist and truely believed that people were being mislead by Christianty, I would gently encourage them to consider my opinion and show them great respect. Because, I’d like to think that I would still have compassion for others and I would still know that mocking them would only make them angry with me. I would uphold, calm, logical discussion, without name calling, mocking or bullying. Because I believe integrity counts. I’d hope that peace would still be a goal of mine and if a Christian is behaving in a way I did t like, I would use their own bible to point out their need to change. Again, done respectfully in hopes that my message is not lost on them.

      Best wishes,

      • Monster

        Sorry, I forgot to check my post. I’m typing on a touch screen and sometimes I add a letter and sometimes the program auto-corrects when I either misspell or touch the wrong key.

        I’ll try to be more vigilant.

  • Mark

    Monster, I want to encourage you and applaud your patience, which is an apparent out-flow of Christ’s love. Continue to write in humility, guided by the Spirit so that those who read will better understand all of our need for the Savior.

    • Monster

      Thank you for your kind words.

      It is my opinion that whether or not you believe in the supernatural aspect of Jesus, that trying to live as Jesus is explained in the bible is best.

      Best wishes,

  • Monster

    John Phillips, FCD says:
    June 3, 2012 at 7:36 am
    But even your Jesus says that not one jot of the law is changed by his coming and will only be changed after certain conditions have been met. None of which have been met yet, and no, the crucifiction doesn’t count. You need to read your wholly babble better.


    What are you trying to say? What is your point in bringing that up?

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand and I don’t want to try to respond until I understand you better.

    Best wishes,

  • Monster

    Just wanted to share that I emailed two Christians that are public speakers and asked them to consider speaking about not mocking other people. I hope they do and I hope that the people who need to hear it, do.

    I would love to encourage everyone of all thoughts and beliefs to spread the word of kindness and tolerance. There is a culture of mockery that i believe is separating us all.

    I believe you can respect someone’s thoughts without believing them to be true. Will you simply sit by and laugh at someone’s misfortune or will you somberly seek to help them, the choice is of course, yours.

    I think it is good to be careful not to become a bully when reacting to bullies.

    There are many beautiful and loving atheists, I hope that type becomes the loudest voice. I hold people of integrity, kindness and love in the highest respect. I think true kindness will see tragedies such as the mocking song and do want they can to help bring those that mock to love.

    I know that not all of your are gifted in a way that can help the situation, but i think we can all do our part no matter how small.

    Best wishes to all,

  • Monster

    Ok. Havent heard from anyone in a few days, so this is probably my last post on this article.

    Best wishes to you all,