This blogathon is effin hard!

Christina here.

I’ve run out of ideas.

Well, not really, but I really don’t know how those other blogathon bloggers are going to manage to put together 24 hours of half-hours posts. That’s INSANE! I’m already getting a case of the “Mehs” and a care of the “I can’t wait to go on the boat at the lake with my friends tomorrow OH MAI GAWD” and I’m only on my 17th post

You know what though? I’m going to think about what it was like to be in high school.

I didn’t really have much of a problem with religion. Thinking about it though, that’s probably because I wasn’t an out atheist until graduate school. When I was a kid, I went to church with my friends sometimes, and even went through a phase where I enjoyed and purchased Christian rock music (I know…) though I never really believed, I didn’t think religion was all a crock of shit either.

So, my guess is that most of my friends thought I was marginally Christian, though we didn’t discuss religion a whole lot at all. I went to church regularly with my boyfriend from high school, mostly to hang out with him and his mom. To me religion was more of a thing-you-did-in-order-to-hang-out-with-someone. A means to an end.

I remember being invited to the See you at the Flag event and going: not to pray, but to hang out with people I liked.

I had other problems in high school: I was socially awkward and routinely mocked for being “ugly”. People spread rumors about my best friend and I being gay.  People tried to set me up with the smelly, even more awkward kid in class, which made me feel like we were both worthless and unworthy. High school sucked until the last year or so.

Honestly though, I had it easy compared to some people. We didn’t have a secular club, but we did have a philosophy club, where I could question religion to my heart’s content.

Other kids are routinely denied the ability to form a secular club. People like Jessica Alquist and Damon Fowler are shunned by their communities for doing what’s right. Gay and trans kids are tortured and murdered for their sexuality.

I had it easy.

So, go make a pledge to the Secular Student Alliance, an organization dedicated to making high school suck less for non-theistic kids. Please?

This is post 17/24 by Christina for the SSA blogathon in support of the Secular Student Alliance! Go donate to them!

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