Todd Stiefel AMA

Todd Stiefel is doing his Ask Me Anything over on reddit.

Todd is the guy responsible for me having a job.  A donation from the Stiefel Freethought Foundation created the high school program here at the Secular Student Alliance (which I was hired to build).  He’s a great guy, laid back and fun.

Head on over and ask him some questions.  :)  Ask him how he feels about SSA Week!  If you don’t want to ask him questions, at least drop him a line and thank him for everything he’s done for this movement.  The SSA, and the atheist movement overall, wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we presently are without him.

And if, like Todd, you support the work of the Secular Student Alliance, donate to the cause!

  • Harry Shaughnessy

    Hi JT,
    Loved the cartoon!

    So much so that I rented a Captain America costume and posed your question to him during the live recording of the The Humanist Hour podcast at the AHA Conference.

    Fun stuff! Pictures and perhaps video to follow.