Topic Request: Polyamory (Blogathon 12/49)

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My first requests is this: Your reaction when you tell people about your poly/monogamish relationship, and they say “I could never do that.”

First I suppose I should explain our current relationship status. JT and I are polyamorous and are both open to the idea of having other girlfriends/boyfriends/cuddle buddies/what have you. However, we’ve both decided to currently be monogamous. This is not out of obligation, and the option is always there if we feel differently later, but for right now we’re electing to be monogamous. This could change in the future. JT might meet a cute woman or I might want to go on a date with a guy I meet in Kansas. That’s fine. We’ll talk to each other about it if/when that happens. For now, we’re focusing on our relationship and neither of us is really looking to date anyone else at the moment.

Now, when I begin to explain polyamory to others, whether I’m explaining my own situation or just polyamory in general, the number one reaction is definitely, “I could never do that.”

My first reaction is, that’s just fine. Polyamory is not for everyone, and I understand why people would hesitate being in this situation. It makes you feel very vulnerable, it makes you have to talk very openly about things that might be hard to talk about, and you constantly have to check yourself for feelings of jealousy. That being said, I don’t think it’s fair to say, “I would never do that.” You really never know where life will take you. People change. A mere year or so ago, I probably would have said the same thing.

Then I met JT. He talks about polyamory with such ease and openness. He would happily tell you how he was dating a woman who also had a husband. That type of honesty intrigued me. When I started getting close to JT, he was very honest about everything from the start. I knew he was seeing other women, but that didn’t bother me. I look at it this way: just because JT loves other people doesn’t mean he loves me that much less. If the company of others makes him happy, why should I keep him from that?

It’s not perfect. The idea of ployamory is beautiful (in my opinion) but that doesn’t mean that it won’t take some work. There have been times when JT was with someone else, and I wanted to be the one he was with. Being in a long distance relationship makes that difficult as well. My time with JT is limited, so when others get time with him, it makes me wish I was there instead. The trick is, when I get those feelings, I tell JT. I don’t blame him for it and I try not to blame myself for it. We discuss how I feel, why I think I feel that way, and then we try to come up with a solution. We’re both still learning along the way.

So to those that could “never do that,” sure, maybe it wouldn’t work out for you. But maybe it would. Every relationship is different. Just be honest with yourself, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Over everything, do what makes you happy.


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