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I got asked what I think of the Dark Knight trilogy and my thoughts on the upcoming movie.

Thought number 1: being the first superhero flick released after The Avengers is like being the next shooting guard after Michael Jordan.  You may be great but you’re going to look like a chump by comparison.  I suspect that a good portion of viewing this movie will be spent sympathizing.

That being said, the Dark Knight movies are pretty good.  Certainly an excellent recovery from the rancid Batmans of the late 90s.  Mr. Freeze deserved so much better.  The acting is good, the action is great.  The dilemmas of the second installment were really simple, but Heath Ledger’s brilliant performance was good enough to earn it a pass.

I always want to compare it the first Batman movies with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.  They didn’t really do the comics justice, and I don’t too much care for Tim Burton.  However, the performances of those two were just perfect, especially Keaton considering he’s not really the physical type you’d imagine for Batman.  But their performances were so different from Christian Bale and Heath Ledger that I find I can’t really do it fairly.

As for the upcoming movie.  I will go see it.  I suspect I’ll miss Heath Ledger the whole time.  I suspect the plot will be trite and go a little over the “this is so unbelievable” line (which will bug me for Batman), but I suspect I’ll enjoy it.

Do I think I’ll see it three times in the theater like I have The Avengers?  No.

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  • NateHevens


    I can agree that Avengers was incredible. I’ve seen it four times already. It is a brilliant movie.

    But I’ve always loved Batman, and I think Nolan’s done the best adaption I’ve seen so far of him. I’m definitely looking forward to this movie; bought my tickets and everything.

    I feel like 2012 will be a year of amazing movies, and I think Avengers and TDKR will both be in the top 5…

  • JohnM

    It took amazing powers of belief suspension to accept Keaton as Batman. More than I have, to be honest. Overall, Burton’s movie was good but when Alfred showed Vicki Vale (you know, a JOURNALIST!!!) into the Batcave after her and Wayne’s one date (ok, they had sex also) I had to bite my tongue (I drew blood. Really.) so I didn’t start yelling at the screen.

    • NateHevens

      I actually found Keaton easier to accept than Kilmer and Clooney, to be honest.

      As for Vicki Vale, they address that in Returns. Alfred quips about security, and Bruce goes “speaking of security, who was it that led Vicki Vale into the Batcave?” He basically chides a tight-lipped Alfred for it for about 30 seconds or so.

      Then again, we also found out in the never-should-have-happened Batman & Robin that Alfred was keeping a computer diary of all this, which is even worse… that Alfred breached security in just about every movie. Why wasn’t he ever fired for having such little disregard for security?

      • NateHevens

        Um… should say “such little regard”…