Why the hell should you donate to the SSA? (Blogathon 3/49)

JT again!

I guess I should tell you why the SSA is awesome so you have some incentive to give us your house (if you’re unwilling to part with your house, a donation will suffice).

Greta has a list of great quotes up.  You can certainly check that out.

I also wrote a piece last week about the work I do.  I’ve often lamented that only I and my colleagues get to see what it looks like when I tussle with high school administrators.  Well, in that post I revealed some of my exchanges.  It will give you an idea about why the SSA’s high school program is so important.

Last month my boss, Lyz Liddell (who, in my eyes, is the best atheist organizer alive – and I’m not just brown-nosing), wrote a piece about the ascension of secular student groups.  It will show you how far we make our resources go.  For potential investors, like you, I reckon this is important information.

While Cru has the cash to fund three staff members per campus group, the SSA is running at about 33 groups per staffer. Both take into account the supporting staff at the national level. A rough guess of campus organizers to groups is that Cru has about 1:1, while the SSA is running at about 78 groups per campus organizer. Oof!

But here’s the bottom line.  Between the 2007-2008 and 2010-2011 school years, Cru grew…but so did the SSA:

Cru v. SSA

We are growing so much faster than Cru that we get an extra digit in our growth percentage!  And we’re maintaining that growth: today we have 353 campus affiliates, while Cru, with all their staff, can’t be bothered to post numbers more recent than the 2010-2011 school year.  Cru has a massively larger budget, the majority of the U.S. population to draw from (76% Christian), an organized political voting bloc to give them politicians and laws and supreme court justices in their favor. But they are losing in the cultural war.

Richard Carrier has also weighed in on the need for the SSA’s work with his trademark style: a post chock full of factual support.

This is post 3 of 49 for Blogathon.

Total donors is at 215 (if we hit 300, campers get to pie us in the face)!  That link also has some other ideas for pledging for Blogathon.  :)

You can still donate to the SSA by supporting other blogathoners, art contributors, personal fundraising pages or through a direct donation to the SSA! SSA Week lasts through June 17th. Spread the word!

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