A bigot *and* a liar

Would you lookee here.  Recently, on account of Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s public opposition to marriage equality, the Jim Henson company yanked their contract with Chick-Fil-A to provide their kids meal toys and gave the entirety of the money they’d received on that contract to GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

Look just went up in CFA stores.

First law of holes

So Cathy is a bigot and a liar.  Tell me again how faith makes people better…

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  • http://www.atheist-faq.com Jasper of Maine (I feel safe and welcome at FTB)

    Oh gracious no! They get their fingers stuck in puppets! Medic!

  • coryat

    That is intended as a bit of anti-gay bigotry right, with the idea of kids getting their fingers stuck in holes?

  • Bart

    douchy, douchity douchebaggery!

  • Kryten

    Running your business according to biblical principles apparently doesn’t include “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.

  • Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle

    Hmmmm….. isn’t there a law against this . . . .

    • Jerome Haltom

      Clear case of libel.

      I should not this picture is of a shop at a mall in Plano, TX. It’s not yet known whether this is a franchise specific action or company-wide.

      • Anon

        I work with Chick-Fil-A (and I’m queer!) The toys are plastic folders, so they could be finger-catching, but timing was veeeeery suspicious.

  • kagekiri

    Damn, doubling down on their bigotry, AND trying to pass off how another company did the right thing as their company’s responsible choice.

    “You’re not dumping me, I’m dumping you!!”

    “You realize I’m breaking this off because you’re a homophobe who funds things that directly damage others’ abilities to lead happy lives, right?”

    “Yeah, well..uhm..your toys hurt kids!”

    Their blatant attempts to regain the moral high-ground (“their company physically injures kids!!”) are pathetic.

  • kantalope

    Second law of holes: if you are an a*hole about one thing – chances are you are an a*hole about other things as well.

  • unbound

    Impressive Christian values these people have…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003175111542 nedchamplain

    I guess they don’t know that you go to hell for lieing, just like for stealing. I doubt they really believe though.

  • http://demon-hauntedworld.blogspot.com demonhauntedworld

    Can someone verify that this is real? The text has a lot of artifacts that make me suspect it’s been altered.

    • http://psychoticatheist.blogspot.com/ Psychotic Atheist

      Can someone verify that this is real? The text has a lot of artifacts that make me suspect it’s been altered.

      Those artifacts you see often accompanies digital images of text, especially lossy formats such as jpg. To confirm it though, this branch posted on their facebook page:

      Chick-fil-A is initiating a voluntary withdrawal for our
      Jim Henson Creature Shop Puppet Kid’s Meal Premiums due to a product issue (even though all puppets passed safety testing requirements).

      In lieu of the kid’s meal premium we will offer a Kid’s Icedream.

      We plan to have replacement kid’s meal premiums within 2 weeks. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience.

      So it looks like its official policy coming from somewhere.

      • Midnight Rambler

        Looks like they’ve taken that down already, do you have a link to the full page for that branch?

        • Anon

          My CFA is doing the same thing (I work there) though we don’t have it posted. We’re just telling people as we give them their meals / offering a drink upsize.

  • mcbender

    Wow. I didn’t think there was any lower they could sink; they’ve proven me wrong. The dishonesty of this approach is staggeringly blatant and does an excellent job of making them look even less sympathetic: prior to this, it was in principle possible to view them charitably and assume they were honestly standing for misguided principles… no longer.

  • smrnda

    If they are so proud of their beliefs about marriage, why hide the real reason? Shouldn’t they be turning this into some kind of big stand for ‘values?’

  • Hockey Bob

    There aren’t any of these stores in Minnesota, but I wish there was, just so that I could protest their unparalleled douchebaggery.

  • http://www.improbablejoe.blogspot.com Improbable Joe

    It is a damned shame that Chick-Fil-A makes a really good product based on really shitty corporate values. I’ve been boycotting them for the last 7-8 years based on their “values” at great personal sacrifice of tasty chicken sammiches, and I really hope enough of you can get on board so that they wind up shut down. That way, their signs can stop taunting me with their delicious but evil food.

    Also, GO MUPPETS!

    • Rory

      In a way, for me, I feel like this is karmic payback for all the times I’ve told my family they ought to quit the Catholic church because of the disconnect between their personal morals and the douchbaggery of the Church. I’ll miss the chicken, but seriously, screw those guys.

  • Tsu Dho Nimh

    A franchise page on facebook says the meal toys were “withdrawn” because of a “product issue”

    The withdrawal of product was by Henson, and the issue was that Henson company didn’t want to do business with Chik Fil-A

  • http://www.facebook.com/using.reason usingreason

    From Chick-fil-A website:

    To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us.
    To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.

    Hmmm, fail and fall. Assholes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/using.reason usingreason

      fail and fail, of course…damn you swype keyboard.

  • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    Meddle not in the affairs of Muppets…

  • michael_lynott

    does anyone know if they open on Sundays

    • unbound

      They are not open on Sundays.

  • unbound

    So very frustrating.

    On one hand, it is rapidly becoming one of the most reasonably priced fast food restaurants in the greater DC area (as well as the best tasting fast food around), and their salad substitute for fries was hands-down the best for any of the fast food joints (even if it did cost an extra 60 cents). McDonalds and Wendy’s keep jacking their prices up…

    Now they have to push their bigoted philosophy out to the world followed by one of the most blatant lies I’ve ever seen outside of pure political / religious discussions.

    Sadly, I’m uncertain if they are truly any worse overall than the other fast food corporations.

  • http://becomingjulie.blogspot.co.uk BecomingJulie

    Hensons should be consulting their legal team now! This blatantly false claim casts them in a bad light, and therefore probably constitutes libel.

  • ImaginesABeach

    How long before Chick-Fil-A takes this suggestion to heart: http://www.theonion.com/articles/chickfila-debuts-new-homophobic-sandwich,28888/

  • C. Kramer

    That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I found this nugget for anyone who still wants to enjoy the yummy taste of a Chic-fil-a without supporting them monetarily.