Amelia Earhart's letter on polyamory to George Putnam

Not many know this, but Amelia Earhart had an open marriage.  I saw a tweet reminding me of that fact and thought I’d share.

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  • baal

    She suggests openness and honesty as well (I give her points for that). I find it easy to forget that people of the past are much like people of the present. My failing is abetted by lack of representations of mature relationships in the media.

  • IslandBrewer

    Cool! I had no idea.

    But how much does it say about me that I was mentally editing her spelling and grammar?

    • TerranRich

      Don’t sorry, I was doing the same thing. Sorting it all out in my head after reading it. lol

      • TerranRich

        Ugh. “Worry”. Don’t worry. Ironic.

  • Drew

    Wow! She really had quite the way with words. This is just so frank, honest, expressive, and realistic. Exactly what I want from all of my relationships.

  • Darrel Ray

    And she was from Kansas. What an honest woman. Such honesty would go a long way in solving many of the marriage problems I have seen in my lifetime.

  • Benjamin

    Polyamory is wrong. You should say either multiamory or polyphilia. But you’re destroying society when you mix Greek and Latin roots.

    • IslandBrewer

      Thank you for putting that in my brain meat, now.

      I’ll forever be resisting saying that every time I hear the word “polyamory.”

      Yes, thank you sooooo much for that.

  • krispreusker

    I learned this from A Girl and Her Fed. Nice to see the historical documentation for it. Very cool.

    • HM

      Me too! Was just about to comment with the link to that webcomic.

  • H.D. Lynn

    Loving work, needing free space, the ability to be interested in other people…Amelia, will you marry ME?

  • Winefest

    I think this is not about honesty or openness… this is about not being in love.

    I mean, why on earth should you marry someone if you think it’s “as foolish as anything I could do”? Or thinking that even though marrying may have its “compensations”, you don’t want to look ahead. Ugh…

    Seriously, coming from a woman supposedly in love, this is the least romantic piece of crap I’ve ever read.