Anybody in Denver want some company?

Poker in the Church is coming up!  It’s a charity event for Foundation Beyond Belief being held at the Freethought Film Festival.  It will take place on August 1 in a nightclub called “The Church,” which looks pretty swanky.

It should be fun.  They have a good list of freethought celebrities playing.  My marks will be Ed Brayton (because he currently wears the poker crown amongst high profile atheists) and Jesse Galef (my co-worker and a solid player).  I’m really looking forward to this!

Here’s the deal though: ordinarily when I do appearances I don’t charge an honorarium, but I do expect them to cover my travel and lodging.  But since this is a charity event, they asked the “celebs” (that feels like a dirty word) to get themselves there and to put themselves up.  You guys helped with my ticket, for which I’m very grateful.  Activism is rewarding, but not the most profitable vocation.  :P

So…in the interest of trying to get in and out as cheap as possible, would anybody want to put a guy up the night of August 1st?  Rides to and from the airport could also rock.  I can take one guest to this event and would be happy to make you that guest.

  • SpaceGhoti

    Just tell me when to be there. We even have a spare bedroom with a real bed, so long as you don’t mind the cats.

  • Roving Rockhound, collector of dirt

    And look at for transit to and from the airport. The darn thing is the middle of nowhere, and the cheapest way to get there is to use public transit.

    Can’t offer you a place – sorry! I’m a bit too far away, plus I’m not in town (although my three atheist roommates would probably love to meet you!).