Appearances in the fall.

My speaking schedule for the fall is nearly full.  If you want to get me, time is winding down.  I’m also starting to get gigs in spring of 2013 (American Atheists National Convention, Skeptics of Oz, and Skeptech to name a few).  Crazy times.

Here’s how it looks so far.

August 1 – Denver, CO at Poker in the Church

August 31 – September 2 – Atlanta, GA at Dragon*Con

*NEW*  September 8 – Terra Haute, IN speaking at Rose-Hulman University

October 5 – 7 – Kansas City for the American Atheists RAM

October 27 – Little Rock, AR for Reason in the Rock

November 9 – 11 – Springfield, MO for Skepticon 5

November 27 – Lawrence, KS speaking to the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics

1st or 2nd weekend of December – Columbus, OH for the Humanist Community of Central Ohio‘s Winter Solstice Banquet

Right now Enterprise State Community College is wanting to bring me in for a debate in September, the Atlanta Freethought Society is looking for an unspecified date in the fall, and there’s a possibility I’ll be part of an event with the Free Inquiry Group the weekend of October 13.

I have a couple of other travel dates that aren’t for public appearances that nuke a couple of the remaining weekends.  I have a couple dates open in September and might could fit in another weekend in November.  But that’d likely be it.  Also, if you get in at the same time as a student group, student groups get precedence. #biased

My goal is to miss a minimum amount of work days in the fall as my work load continues to increase with the growth of the high school program.  So I will only be taking weekend gigs.  I require travel and lodging to all events with a $100 honorarium if your group feels so led (it can be happily waived for groups that are low on funds).

If your group wants to try and get one of my remaining slots and can work with in these constraints, shoot me an email.

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