Chick-Fil-A can't stop digging

First Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A’s CEO, decided to be a proud bigot in public.  Then the Jim Henson company, which supplied CFA with their kids meals toys, decided they no longer wished to do business with bigots.

Then CFA lied (and gave the Jim Henson company a clear road to a libel suit).

And now CFA just can’t help digging the hole deeper.  They might as well since nobody, not even Jesus, is offering them a hand out.  I was reading a post on Ashley Miller’s blog (if you’re not reading it, fix your life) and came across this image.

Ashley explains:

“Abby Farle” is a FB account created by Chick-fil-A to promote the lie that the toys had been removed weeks ago.  I guess the logic being that if someone who isn’t the store makes a claim that is untrue, no one can be mad at the company for lying.

Man, they’re so brazen, taking a stand for “biblical principles.”  How proud they are to be servants of the lord.  Until humanity finds their principles disgusting.  Then it’s not the principles or the pride that change, just how much more they lie.

For those who think faith makes us moral, look at this slimeball and how much faith he’s got.

For those who think we need faith to be moral, that’s simply horseshit.  You don’t need god or the threat of hell to think lying is self-destructive.  You need only realize that life is happier and easier if you tell the truth.  We just have to dislike people like Dan Cathy and not want to become the type of person we despise.

Hey look!  Abby’s on twitter!  And, don’t you know, she loves Chick-Fil-A almost as much as she hates gays.  This has got to be somebody making fun of CFA for doing this on facebook.  God damn you, Poe’s Law!  It’s so hard to tell sometimes!

The one on the CFA facebook was almost certainly a CFA PR person.  The one on twitter is likely somebody making fun of them.

Oh reddit, you wonderful, sometimes horrible thing.

We’re critical thinkers. Catching bullshit is what we do, and we’re all over the internet. If you’re looking for an easy crowd for lying, they’re available every Sunday.

Go on Chick-Fil-A, tell another one!  Maybe we won’t catch your next lie.  Also, we’re having a blast with this.  We don’t want your chicken, but you can keep feeding us.

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