Daily Guild Wars 2: let's talk guild. (32 [35] days left!)

This last weekend was the final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend and, wow, did Godless ever turn out!  By the end of the weekend we had over 40 guild members!  We were gaining guild influence like mad and quickly adding all kinds of perks to the guild.  :)

Because the game gets progressively more awesome the more we play it, I’ve decided to do a daily post in anticipation of the release.  There’s that much awesome to this game!

Today, let’s talk guild.

First, KeganL has been running for guild leadership.  I have been so impressed with this guy.  He was around all weekend helping newbies and came off, to me, as a total team player.  He also has been very humble in all of this, welcoming others who want a hand in leading.  That stuff, along with the fact he made us a sweet guild page/forum has me wanting to really make him guild leader.  Any support or opposition?

We should also have a core of officers who can do stuff in the leader’s absence, whoever it is.  If you’d like to be an officer, leave a comment nominating yourself and I’ll compile that into a future blog post.

Something else that occurred to me this weekend: I love role-playing.  I will totally get into my character, so much so that I”ll actually walk places in town rather than run.  :P  Do we have other RPers in the guild?

I also noticed that not many people were taking jewelry and cooking as craft skills.  Do we want a dedicated jeweler and chef in the guild with access to leftover mats in the guild vault?  That person could probably level almost to 80 just from crafting!

We also have to decide what we want to do with our massive amounts of influence points.  I think the obvious first uses should be in architecture, giving us not only a huge guild vault but also the ability to have two perks being built at once.  After that, my vote goes for politics, because I love this guild and I want gear with our emblem on it!  :)

Lastly, I think our guild should do PvP and PvE, but just out of curiosity what does everybody prefer?  Personally, I like both equally.  Should we appoint an officer position tasked with organizing PvP (both WvW and sPvP)?

Godless Guild facebook group.

Codex site where you can toy with profession builds.

My Guild Wars 2 review (for those wondering what all the fuss is about).

Sweet guild page/forum.

Guild roster.  Leave a comment to be added.  :)  (If I’ve missed you, leave another comment)

  • JT Eberhard: tsukmeibols.7340 Asuran Engineer 
  • Josh Stein: Targarion.7208 – Charr engineer.
  • Maki – Norn Engineer/Thief
  • Marisemae – Norn Ranger
  • KeganL – Valyon.8396 Norn Necromancer(main)/ Mesmer (race to be determined)
  • Daniel Schealler –  Kairos.9354 Charr Guardian – http://goo.gl/tPGoF
  • eNeMeE – Charr Elementalist
  • juan davidsanchez daza – Charr Ranger
  • Jen R. – CultofJen.9210 – Sylvari Elementalist
  • Jon R – Norn Ranger – Qilue Veredorn
  • Jen Grant – katrana.5317 Human Necromancer
  • Scott Grant – Human Warrior
  • J. Goard – Charr Mesmer
  • Mutsumi – Lyfa.9256 Human/Sylvari Thief
  • Carina – Carina.4185 [undecided] Elementalist
  • IslandBrewer – Charr Warrior
  • Chris Baily – Charr Engineer
  • theAtheistAxolotl – Charr Necromancer
  • RenDP – Human Mesmer
  • NightRaith – NightRaith.1805 - Charr Engineer/Norn Guardian
  • Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach – Charr Engineer
  • Matt Martin – FUNdead.2430 – Charr Warrior 
  • Richard McAteer:  Epinephrine.8670 – Sylvari Engineer, Human Mesmer
  • Jordan Day  MajorMesser.5273 – Sylvari Thief
  • Mizzet – Charr Engineer
  • Arsirion – Sylvari Ranger
  • John Horstman – JohannVII.8723 – Sylvari Ranger – Bosqazador; Charr Guardian – Sarri Greyclaw (character names will be the same, assuming I can get them again) 
  • Dylan Bean – DylanBean.6591
  • b00ger – [undecided] Mesmer
  • Loqi – Human Mesmer (subject to change)
  • Nick Johnson – Remijdio.6203
  • Adam Shelton – Lagrange.2479, probably Asura Mesmer
  • John Cato – Beltane.5893
  • Mike Smith – unbound.9351
  • Atheara Valentin – Charr Mesmer
  • John-Henry Beck – [undecided] Ranger (possible)
  • kagekiri – [any/all] [undecided]
  • Benjamin Hollinger - Molch.7536 – [undecided] [undecided]
  • Tyson Koska – tykonderoga.7350
  • Dave – Albretch.2685
  • Jesse Daw – jcdharma.5169 – human elementalist
  • Caroline Cosgrove – Toasty.1432 - [undecided] Necromancer
  • Park James – PMurder.9451 - undecided
  • Sansgerd – undecided
  • Jacob Hanson – Sparhawk.9015 – Jotnara – something with a huge sword
  • John-Henry Beck – Cicero.4873 – Undecided
  • Dirk Gadsden – dirk.3175 – [Undecided] Elementalist
  • Liokae- Liokae.9201 – Asura [Undecided]
  • Damon Fowler – Mallekar.7402 – Human Guardian
  • John Storer II – WraithShade.8097 – Asura Elementalist (Mai Selevin)
  • Elerena – Liokae.9201
  • Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach – KorLeonis.8650
  • BaisBlackfingers – BaisBlackfingers.4728
  • Don – drl.9576
  • Michael – Sinful Scythe.7091
  • Edrick P. Smef – edricksmef.3746
  • Drew Krull – Kharel.1520
  • JumpPoint – jumppoint.2614
  • Lukas Wolfrik Hägele – Skollgrimm.3695
About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • jehk

    Hopefully, I can pull myself away from The Secret World in 30ish days.

  • Wren, a Tru Hoppist


    My husband and I played this weekend. It was a blast, and the guild was so helpful, especially since we are used to playing MMOs like WoW and TOR. I was wren.9213 and he was grebnetor.8xxx

    I would put us both down as undecided, except that we know we don’t want to play human or norn, and we didn’t care for thief or elementalist.

    As for crafting, one of us will probably want to try cooking or jewelcrafting, we just didn’t want to spend time on that when we only had the weekend to play.


  • C. Kramer

    Wish I had known! I only pre-purchased and downloaded in time to play the last two hours of the Beta Weekend! Otherwise I would have joined up in a heartbeat.

    Will you be continuing the guild for the main game? I will definitely be sure to pick the correct server come the headstart!

  • C. Kramer


    I’d love to join – put be down under “Ethir”, user ID GLaDOS.6357

    I love to RP, so awesome!

    I also have a lot of experience with guild leadership in other games and will try to be involved! I used to be a graphic web designer, so I’ll help out with any web design.

    Cheers, can’t wait to see everyone during the head start!

  • karmakin

    Chef as it stands is actually pretty exploitable I think as you can get a really good amount of experience just from spending gold/karma.

  • Elerena

    Another role-player here as well, and I’d like to nominate myself for an officer slot. I’ve been into MMOs for a loooooong time, and I can guarantee I’ll be spending a lot of time in-game and available. Helping folks out- especially the new ones- is one of my favorite parts of a game, and I’d love to be able to work tightly with everyone else. :D

  • adamshelton

    Wow, a GW2 post every day? Good luck! This takes me back to the days of waiting for Smash Bros Brawl to release.

    One note on crafting for those who are unaware. You can level any number of crafts you want but you can only have two active at any given time. You never lose your gained skill level when switching to another craft, but it does get more expensive to switch to a craft the higher your level in it is. So don’t be too afraid to play around and see which one you like best. Or do them all if you have deep pockets? Does equipment bind in this game? I didn’t pay attention.

    I’d be interested to hear peoples’ takes on the current balance of the professions. I haven’t played a wide variety (haven’t touched mesmer, which I plan to play on release) of them but have glanced at the forums. Plenty of people were complaining in the various profession subforums about profession X being weak. Is this just a case of People Complaining On The Internet, or do some professions truly have issues at the moment?

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/wwjtd JT Eberhard

      They seem pretty balanced to me. In PvP thieves and engineers seem weak to me, but then again other people swear by them.

      I do know that I asked which class was most powerful in /map toward the end of the weekend and the first six answers were all different. That should tell us that it’s pretty balanced.

    • Elerena

      Some equipment binds; most does not.

    • Daniel Schealler

      I don’t know about particular classes being weak.

      What I expect is going on is that certain professions don’t mesh well with how individual people play.

      Additionally, I think certain professions are harder than others. I found that a thief was harder to play than a warrior for example. I didn’t try a mesmer, but I hear from others that they’re challenging.

      • kagekiri

        Yeah, some Profession mechanics are just easier to use. Filling up a special bar by attacking/being attacked (like Necromancers’ Death Shroud or Warriors’ Adrenaline) is easier than timing your initiative regeneration ticks (Thieves) or the number and current composition of your clones and phantasms (Mesmers).

  • Praedico

    Could I get on the roster, please? :)
    ID is praedico.1092, I’ll be playing a sylvari thief.

    Also, I had a play with the crafting system over the beta weekend, including jewellery, and quite enjoyed it, so I’d be happy to do any crafting that needs doing for the guild.

    • John Horstman

      I’ve added you to the FB list; JT will need to do updates for the blog list.

  • marismae

    I think that class balance perception really ties into play style. For example, I am much better with ranged or casting-types then melee classes. So I will tend to find melee classes underpowered; primarily because I suck at it :P This is also a really new system for most of us (me, at least!) with the lack of actual roles like tank, dps, healer/support as all classes are supposed to be capable of all things. And then there’s how different weapons have the different skillsets… I could babble ALL DAY I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. *ahem*.

    I will definitely throw in my support for KeganL as guild leader; he’s done awesome so far.

    And I love the Asura a lot more then I thought I would. I may have to change what race I start out as! The Sylvari grew on me near the end. But, I am also big on Nordic lore and stuff, which is why the Norn appeal to me. Sigh. So many choices!

    • kagekiri

      Haha, I totally agree: so many choices, and too many are appealing!

      I also always find melee a bit uncomfortable. In the end, I always go with ranged weapons even on otherwise melee archetypes. My warrior will be using a rifle or longbow in most cases, and I went dagger-pistol + shortbow thief in previous BWEs.

  • kagekiri

    Shoot, I should’ve made my friends jump in for the recent BWE!

    But they’re Christians, and don’t know I’m atheist yet, which makes me feel a little awkward breaking it to them via a game. Not that our shared religion was the basis of our friendship, but it did make us have more things in common.

    Oh yeah, I’m kagekiri.1605 in the game, and will probably have characters with “kage” in the name.

    I’m thinking Sylvari Elementalist, Asuran Warrior, and Charr Engineer at the moment. The most non-human races are just so much funner story wise; I love the sheer cockiness of Asuran dialogue in particular.

    • C. Kramer

      Whew… careful, don’t want to start any religious guild wars – pope benedict declaring online crusades via guild wars

      • John Horstman

        Wait, that would be AWESOME. I wonder if ArenaNet would step in at some point?

      • kagekiri

        Well, luckily for us, then, they’re fairly liberal Christians, and not Catholics. And I think the matchmaking system of WvW might make it a bit difficult to specifically target one guild on one server :P

    • John Horstman

      I’ve updated the FB list with your player ID. Also, just a reminder, if anyone would prefer some moniker other than the one that is currently on the list, please let me/anyone know (I’ve been trying to stay on top of roster updates – I’m online all day at work, so it’s quite convenient for me); I certainly don’t want to be unintentionally outing anyone with a Guild Wars roster, and when it comes down to it, we really don’t need to know more than the player ID.

  • muadib

    Could I be added to the roster. My name is Alex My ID is Muadib.7852, and I will probably be starting with a Asuran guardian. I would be interested in officer ship, I really enjoy PVE and working with groups, especially once I get into a game I enjoy helping out new players and characters. In GW1 I frequently created a new character just to level it up with people then delete it and start again with a new group. I don’t know If there will be as much need or use for that in this game since it is so solo-able at low levels but I would enjoy getting groups together to help level when the game launches.

    • John Horstman

      I’ve added you to the FB roster.

      As for helping newbies, it seems like GW2 should be pretty good for that, since characters are level-adjusted (down, never up as far as I could tell) to whatever is appropriate for each area. So you won’t need to delete and start over (unless you want to), you’ll be adjusted to an appropriate level automatically!

      • kagekiri

        Thank you!

        Yeah, shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I’m hoping to come out soon, and none of my family know my normal game moniker anyway.

        • http://freethoughtblogs.com/wwjtd JT Eberhard

          *hug* Good luck.

          When it comes time to come out, we’ll be there if you need anything.

          • kagekiri

            Thanks, JT :]

      • muadib

        Ya I really like that idea but will have to see how it works in practice.

  • John Horstman

    Hmm, I didn’t try cooking at all, but I was rocking jeweling. I love crafting and am planning on maximizing at least 4 skills with my primary and main alt (devoting as much cash/karma to recipes as I can). I’d settled on leather/jewelry for the Sylv Ranger and weapons/armor for the Charr Guardian. I’d be happy to check for and do my best to fill (easy if we’re sourcing materials from everyone – gather rates are pretty good, especially with the better salvage kits and even just mundane/salvage items) orders for gear on a daily basis. Jessica Lynn over on the FB group said she’s really into crafting too, so that’s at least one more primary crafter we have.

    As for role-playing, I’d be down – I was having a blast with my Charr Guardian (I was less invested in the Sylv Ranger, though the story was still engaging). Maybe I should get a fursuit and try playing a cat-woman with a giant sword in real life? Anyway, any RP may have to be cool with frequently breaking character, at least initially while most of us are still figuring out mechanics, interface, etc. And it is, of course, at odds with power-gaming. If my character would stupidly charge into battle against an unbeatable foe only to be instantly downed, good role-playing demands that I not take the more cautious and effective course and devise a careful strategy with my party first. Leeroy Jenkins wasn’t an idiot, he was an expert role-player! :-) If we’re going to have a sub-set of people doing RP, we definitely need to agree on what that means and make sure the rest of the guild is aware. So far it seems we’re looking for a pretty casual structure, which is conducive to different people doing different things, so long as everyone is on the same page about that fact.

    • John Horstman

      Oh, and I’m good with KeganL as guild leader.

    • C. Kramer

      By the way – I’d love to offer my services up as a possible officer if there’s a list for that

      Doing a great job John H. & JT, quick responses!

  • http://deep-friedfreethinkers.blogspot.com/ Nathan Piccolo

    Here are a few things to remember:

    >> We get influence points for every character that logs in each day. That means alts will give additional 10 points when you play another character.

    >> Represent!!! Don’t forget to open the guild menu and click the “Represent” button for every character. You are given the option to join other guilds on the same account, so you have to click “Represent” for each character you play if you want to contribute.

    >> The xp earned for crafting has been adjusted, by my estimates you can get right around 10-12 levels for maxing a single craft style. That in mind the “Guild Jeweler” will not earn anymore xp once maxed. Additionally, they will not earn anything for lower level items as they progress. IE.( creating a level 15 amulet with as crafting level of 150 and higher will yield no xp unless it is a new undiscovered item.)

    >> Have fun, this should never seem like a chore or a “have to” situation. If you just click the “Represent” button and go about playing your own style of play, that is all we ask of you.

    More info to come and updates for the website as well.

    • http://deep-friedfreethinkers.blogspot.com/ Nathan Piccolo


      Influence is earned by:

      2^ for individual guild members completing an “Event” or part of a personal storyline.

      5^ for individual guild members pvp match victory

      10^ for each accepted guild invitation

      10^ for each member who is online during an attendance check.(time yet to be determined)

      • John Horstman

        The wiki description seems to indicate more influence is earned for members doing stuff (Events, WvW) together versus separately, though it might simply be ambiguous wording.

    • kagekiri

      Oh, SWEET! I’m glad we can contribute some bonus influence even if we’re alting it up.

  • adamshelton

    Any worries about getting everyone onto the same server? I know they reduced the number of servers for BWE3 to increase population density and so on, but we seemed to land on the same server as a rather large PvP alliance (Titan alliance). I’m hoping that doesn’t attract too many people and stop us from all getting onto Gate of Madness.

    Also, I find the name reservation thing ANet’s got going kind of annoying. Won’t it result in one person’s name being reserved across all servers? And doesn’t this kind of screw over anyone who wants to play during the headstart period if they have to wait until after release to see if the name they want gets freed up (by the person playing on another server or whatever)?

    Waaaaah, don’t want to reinstall Guild Wars 1 just to try to and probably fail at reserving a name.

    • adamshelton

      I’ve partially answered my own question. I didn’t realize that names had to be unique across all servers in the first place. Yikes!

      Oh well. Never hurts to add a surname, I suppose.

      • John Horstman

        I suppose game-unique names makes sense, given WvW matches.

        • kagekiri

          Eh, but they don’t show names of opponent characters in WvW. More likely, it’s for competitive/pro PVP or allowing people to transfer servers while keeping names, since that might be something where you don’t want repeated names.

          • adamshelton

            Yeah, if not for WvW, it at least makes perfect sense with the guesting feature in play.

            In my further research, it looks like all GW1 names were 2-parters, so all 1-word names will be up for grabs right at the start of the headstart period. This whole set-up seems completely reasonable now that I’m actually educated on what the set-up actually is. Imagine that!

      • RuQu

        Keep in mind that we don’t have to be on the same server (world) to be in the same guild. We can represent Godless anywhere (and everywhere). The main downside to not being on the same server is that you can’t WvW together. I would guess that this is why the require uniqueness across all servers, since you wouldn’t want 8 people in the guild with the same name.

        Of course, I could have sworn that half the point of the unique ID tags was that naming wasn’t going to be restrictive, but maybe I’m confusing GW2 with D3 on that one.

    • C. Kramer

      You know – speaking of servers – I am not currently rolled on the same server as Godless (didn’t know about it in beta).

      Do y’all think they’ll be letting us pick new servers for launch? I assume since they’re wiping everything else they would, but I don’t want to pay for a server xfer… :|

      • emptyknight

        Everything was supposed to be wiped after BWE3. Supposedly, at launch everything from character names to which world you roll on will be a fresh start.

  • Nick Johnson / Remijdio

    I’d like to nominate myself to be an officer. I’m already helping Kegan out with the website :D

  • b00ger

    I prefer PvE and organized PvP. I never was much for just joining some random battle ground in WoW. However, world PvP is usually ok to just join in. IMHO PvP is much better as part of a small communicative group. I will definitely be playing both aspects of the game.

    What interests me about the Mesmer are the unique crowd control abilities that have several different versions to help confuse real attackers. For instance, one version of the teleport spell teleports you to while leaving a double in the place you came from. The other version create a double of you at another location while you remain in the same place. This can actually confuse a human player, unlike in other games where your illusion type abilities only seem to work on NPCs.

  • Daniel Schealler

    I’ll nominate myself as an officer.

    I think I’d be good at it: I play support classes because I enjoy helping out, and guild officer seems a natural extension of that impulse.

    In terms of website stuff, I might be able to help out a little bit there too. I’m a software developer. Admittedly I haven’t had any with php or apache since my uni days, and those ended… six years ago now. But I’m pretty sure I can wrap my head around some website code if I need to.

    Only limiting factor is time. I won’t be able to play that often – taking last weekend off to play the whole time was the exception for me, not the rule. On top of that my play schedule will be erratic as work and life push and pull me in different directions. Don’t get me wrong, I think I’ll be dumping every spare minute of leisure time I can scrape together into the game. I just don’t expect that I’ll be able to get very many of those.

    • Daniel Schealler

      Oh: And I don’t have a lot of experience with being actively involved in a guild. Traditionally with MMO’s I just follow the planned events and show up when I can.

      But I haven’t been this excited about an MMO before, so I’d like to throw my hat in the ring this time.

  • John Horstman

    I’m nominating JT for officership; even if he doesn’t have much time for management, I’d like him to have officer privileges, and we know he has organizing skillz.

  • Epinephrine

    I’ve previously offered to help out with officer-type things. I have been an officer for a GW guild for a long time and played GW since it was in betas, and have been an officer in GW2 for my main guild during beta weekends (as well as an officer this past BWE for Godless, helping invite folks in, etc.)

    I plan to be part of multiple guilds, and will still be spending a lot of time on my duties to my guild of 7 years, and will likely be on another server – but provided that guesting is working I’ll happily join up to show people the ropes, show them the jumping puzzles, or just generally team up. Alternatively, if anyone ends up on my server, we can meet up without guesting.

    • John Horstman

      Should I mark you as nominated on the FB roster?

      • Epinephrine

        Sure, if you need another one. If you don’t, I won’t be hurt.

  • Lyfa

    Tip of the day or something?

  • Laen

    Sign me up. Cleardale.7893 currently playing around with a warrior, also playing with huntsman as a craft since my guy has been using rifles.

  • ishkodewaaboo


    I’ll be playing either a sylvari mesmer or a human elementalist, not sure which. (Technically I’ll have both, just not sure which will be my main. Probably a couple other alts too.) Names I’m keeping to myself until after I reserve them :P

    I’ve always liked crafting in other MMOs I’ve played, I figure I’ll be doing a lot of it in this one, too. And honestly, cooking and jewelry seem like the ones I’d go for first anyway – I usually like to give my main some profitable skills, and from my limited GW1 experience, I’m pretty sure dyes will be a hot commodity, especially early on while people are still learning how to make them all. And jewelry/jewels are one of the few crafted items that aren’t profession specific, so again, probably good money to be made there.

    So put me down as officially going for those two professions on my main, though I don’t know that I want the responsibility of being the sole chef/jeweler for the whole guild. But I will gladly help out if asked!
    Free mats = free XP, so if you want me to use guild mats to churn out some stuff to hand out to guildies or stock up the guild bank with, I’m happy to do it (but I’m keeping the XP).

    Oh, and I like the idea of going for Architecture first for the bank space and dual upgrades. Beyond that, all the options sound neat. I’d go for Art of War because I will be a WvW fiend, and Economy because bonus karma, money and phat lewts are pretty awesome. Politics sounds like it has some fun rewards too. (How’s that for indecisive?)

    • Daniel Schealler

      I’m looking forward to seeing our banner adorning forts and towers in WvW. ^_^

      • ishkodewaaboo

        Oh, I do too. Can’t wait to see Godless banners all over the place.

  • NightRaith

    I’d like to help out and be an officer. I do have previous experience as I used to be a guild officer in charge of about 30 people. I’ve also been posting on our facebook page a lot we have lots of cool people. :)

    • NightRaith

      Oh yeah, I’m also reposting the GW lore videos because i see some interest renewed interest for them on our page

  • Joe

    Count me in! penguinsdemise.6130

    I haven’t had a chance to play yet, so I have no idea what I’ll be playing as.

    • John Horstman

      Added to the roster. Maybe I’ll alphabetize the thing today once I’m finished with the Spring schedule of classes (I have to do SOME work at work :-P).

      • Joe


  • IslandBrewer

    I added my ID to the FB list.


    I am SOOOO sad I missed the BWE.

    Also, I applied to the Guild page under the name “Faolchunna”.

    *gibbers idiotically until the prelaunch*

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1698151270 John-Henry Beck

    Oops. Looks like I got myself listed on the roster twice.

    I’m pretty certain my main character will be a ranger. Human was pretty decent, though Norn may be interesting too. Sylvari looked pretty interesting, but I may be more likely to play with an elementalist alt for that.

    I didn’t get around to learning much about interacting with the guild. Too used to playing stand-alone games. I’d like to get involved, though, beyond just accruing influence and donating crafting materials. So will be paying attention to that when the game starts up.

    The crafting looks kind of interesting, if enough resources can be gathered. Bit of a pain that looks to be. But I was finally figuring it out by Sunday. The ability to bank the collectibles at any time is definitely helpful.

    • John Horstman

      Well, I was bound to double-list someone eventually; nice catch. I really do need to alphabetize the roster.

  • seadeatea

    I don’t exist yet but definetly plan to by time full release is out. When I get it I hope to be able and get in on this godlessness.
    Also, I too have a history of RP with characters. My main on WoW not only walked in town but had a bag dedicated to her city garb. And when I had a gnome I gave it the Dragonlance treatment and never used spaces… people didnt like that character.
    Anyway, it is great getting to read these updates so keep ‘em coming.

  • http://ramblingsofawaywardmind.wordpress.com/ cheryl

    I had so persuaded my other half to join you guys – considering our regular guild weren’t into GW2 as most are playing Secret World. But when we tried to make characters there, about 3 hours after it went live, Gates of Madness was full! And wouldn’t let us make toons.

    So we played around on another server for the BWE and will try to get on the right server at launch.

    I am so looking forward to this game. Would be awesome to play in an atheist guild too.

  • RuQu

    Sign me up. I’ve already posted a fair amount on the guildlaunch site.

    ID: RuQu.8394
    I’m an alt addict. Out the gate I’m thinking Human Guardian (probably main), Human Ranger, Norn Warrior

    As I said on the guildlaunch site, I’m excited about crafting, and cooking in particular. It’s nice to see a game with a decent crafting system in place again. Hasn’t been one since the original SWG. Put me down for Master Chef, and then get out of the kitchen! (Seriously, there will probably be fires).

  • ccaldwell314

    Hello all, I’ll be playing under the following username:


    However, I have NO IDEA what race/profession I’ll be playing. Just pre-purchased today!