Godless Olympics thread

I’ve spent a good part of the last couple days watching the Olympics.  It seemed a good idea to create a thread where the godless can chat about the Olympics.  :)

I really enjoyed watching the mens swimming relay last night.  Phelps swam a helluva race.  It was good seeing him back in form.  I felt so bad for Ryan Lochte.

Being a basketball fan, I loved watching the US beat a very good French team.  I dislike Lebron James, so I hate how the commentary people take every opportunity to crawl up his ass.  Otherwise it’s a good time.  😛

Also…how do you not root for Gabby Douglas?  She is just as adorable as she is badass.

Anyway, chatter away.  I’ll be watching the games all day so I’ll chime in from time to time.  :)

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