Great Camp Quest battle, round 2

Recall that last year a noble band of bloggers set out to conquer a briny tyrantHemant Mehta, Greta Christina, Jen McCreight, and myself embarked on the quest and, along the way, we picked up additional warriors such as Adam Lee, Phil Ferguson, Digital Cuttlefish, Matt Dillahunty, and others.

It was close.  The forces of light raised $13,550.06 for Camp Quest while PZ and his minions slithered up to a total of $13,016.01.  Todd Stiefel even swung in during the last four hours with a matching offer that brought in another $3,508.73.  It was a knock-down, drag out fight that ultimately raised $30,074.80 for Camp Quest.  But in the end, just like a Hollywood epic, the good guys won.

But, just like in Hollywood, the bad guy always returns with a chip on his shoulder about a year later in time for a sequel.

The scourge of the deep has resurfaced and again the forces of justice must take up arms.  After nursing his pride for a year PZ and his army have returned.  This time Stiefel is in it from the beginning, so we stand to raise even more money for Camp Quest!

This time the good guys have assembled a team of atheist’s mightiest heroes from the outset!

We’re all trying to out fundraise the terrible squid.  If you’ll recall, last year I promised to shave my head and wax parts of my body if Team Awesome prevailed.  I delivered.

Recall that Michaelyn and I were both counselors at Camp Quest Ohio this year.  It was a phenomenal experience.  Possibly my favorite moment was during the carnival.  We ran a carnival for all the campers for which we decorated the pavilion and ran games where they could win tickets for prizes.  One of the prizes they could win, for 50 tickets, was a water balloon to throw at a counselor.

After the carnival, the first group of four counselors was brought up.  Those who paid to drench each counselor lined up, received their water balloon, and doused them.  Then another group of four counselors repeated.  Then a group of two, since many campers had paid to toss balloons at those two.

And then me by myself, because a lot of them wanted to soak me.  I got down on my knees and endured the giggling swarm.  It was wonderful.  It told me they liked me.  🙂

So what do I have to offer this time around?  Frankly, you should donate to Camp Quest purely because of all the good they do for young freethinkers.  But, if that’s not enough, what do you guys want to see me do should Team Awesome win (again)?  Throw some bucks in while you’re mulling it over.  🙂

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