Great lines about the Higgs

Here are some good lines about the Higgs boson.  The first is from some dude named Tyler.

So, a Higgs boson walks into a Catholic Church, and the priest says, “Thank God you showed up, we can’t have mass without you!”

And then the Higgs boson was unfortunately molested.

This one is paraphrased from twitter yesterday.

Now that we have evidence for the Higgs it doesn’t make sense to keep calling it “the god particle.”

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  • John Eberhard

    Posted as my status immediately: “Now that we have evidence for the Higgs it doesn’t make sense to keep calling it “the god particle.”

  • basementmatt

    My partner hates puns. So I read him the first one. Thanks for making my day! :)

  • MikeMa

    Love these.

  • usingreason

    Where is your god now, particles?

  • usingreason

    I will golf clap the first good ‘Your momma’ Higgs Boson joke.

    • kimrottman

      Your momma is so fat, she adds mass to the Higgs Boson.

      • usingreason

        Your Momma is so dumb, she thought Higgs Boson was the little English dude on Magnum PI.

  • usingreason

    Your momma is so fat….
    Even the Higgs Boson can’t add mass to dat ass.

    • Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven

      Your mama is so fat she generates PIGGS bosons.

  • Trebuchet

    As a reader of historical fiction about 19th century naval history (think Horatio Hornblower), I keep trying to come up with something for “Higgs, the bosun”.

  • Trebuchet

    “Higgs, the massive bosun, appeared seemingly out of nowhere, corrected the rigging, and disappeared just as quickly.”

    Ok, I’ll stop now.