Home again, home again

I am taking some time to visit my family down in Arkansas.  The timing is good and it’s much-needed.  For the last month and a half I’ve been keeping a fairly exhausting pace.  This will help me recharge for fall.

The blogging will be light during this time.  I am fortunate to have a very good relationship with my family, and my time with them is very limited.

Right now, Team Awesome has raised $610 for Camp Quest (which will be matched by the Stiefel Freethought Foundation – w00t!).  I’ll be keeping an eye on the meter.  For every $5 we bring in each day, I’ll post a picture of my childhood home.  For a $50 day, I’ll tell a story about my childhood here.

A few weeks ago I told the story of one of my favorite moments from being a counselor at Camp Quest Ohio:

Possibly my favorite moment was during the carnival.  We ran a carnival for all the campers for which we decorated the pavilion and ran games where they could win tickets for prizes.  One of the prizes they could win, for 50 tickets, was a water balloon to throw at a counselor.

After the carnival, the first group of four counselors was brought up.  Those who paid to drench each counselor lined up, received their water balloon, and doused them.  Then another group of four counselors repeated.  Then a group of two, since many campers had paid to toss balloons at those two.

And then me by myself, because a lot of them wanted to soak me.  I got down on my knees and endured the giggling swarm.  It was wonderful.  It told me they liked me.  :)

Here’s the proof.

It was an experience I’ll never forget.  :)

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