If god won't attack the SSA…

Twice this week the Secular Student Alliance website has been the target of denial-of-service attacks.  You can read about them on the SSA’s main page.

Personally, I’m thrilled about this.  It means that somewhere out there some believers have accepted that god isn’t going to do shit and that praying for misfortune to befall the SSA wasn’t going to accomplish anything, so they had to actually do something themselves.  The absence of god and the impotence of prayer are important realizations on the path to ditching religion.

Who knows, perhaps soon they’ll realize that any religion that praises you for attempting to win by means other than the greater reliability of your beliefs and, in this case, for criminal activity if it’s in the religion’s best interest, probably doesn’t occupy the moral high ground.  Baby steps.

Anyway, the attacks have targeted our donations pages, which has so far prevented the SSA from being able to take donations for a few days.  Wouldn’t it just chap the perpetrators something fierce if we made a chip-in widget, put it on the side bar of our web site, and then people donated more on account of this?

I’d lol.

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