Losing health insurance sucks.

Christina here…


Back in April, my husband’s boss stopped payinf for our health insurance.

This is partially our fault: for some reason when he set up our health insurance, he gave the insurance company our home address for billing. So whenever the monthly payment was due, the bills got sent to us, and Chris had to take them into the office, where The Boss oss would pay them.

I thought we got a copy of the bill and the boss got a copy of the bill, so stopped giving them to Chris to give to The Boss. Without the bills to remind him to pay, he didn’t.

Did you know that generic Lexapro is $120 a month if you don’t have any kind of health insurance? Adderall (generic) is $60 a month. Advair (for Christopher) is $150 a month. His other inhaler is $100 a month.

Thankfully a physician friend of ours tossed Chris some samples of Advair so he wouldn’t literally wheeze to death. I weaned myself off of my meds. Meanwhile The Boss tried to get us new health insurance by claiming I worked for him, which the insurance company did not like. The Boss, not having to pay for our health insurance, saved money while we got all wheezy and depersonalized. He took his sweet time finding us new insurance.

Thankfully we have some new insurance that will kick in August 1st.

Yet, who the fuck am I to complain? There are people out there who can’t get health insurance at all. People out there whose medical bills have bankrupted them. People out there who have died because they couldn’t get health insurance. People living in places where there is no healthcare to speak of at all.

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