Madison Freethought Festival: Hemant Mehta on high school atheists

Here’s Hemant totally jocking my style and talking about high school atheists.  It’s ok, he’s damn good at it.

  • IslandBrewer

    That was an awesome presentation. I liked the graphs showing ridiculous explosion in high school secular groups.

    Do you know what would be really neat to look at? A map showing the distribution of secular students groups by state. Are there regions of the country that seem to be more popping with regard to new student groups?

    • JT Eberhard

      Yes, actually. About a quarter of the high school groups reside in either Texas or California. They follow the trends of college that way.

  • baal

    I was surprised that John Stossel was doing the interview & story they Hemant played. I then saw that the stroy was from him ABC news days. These foxy days he’d be with the xtian teammates in harassing the out atheist.